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08:41:36 AM Mar 8th 2012
Can anyone confirm this one:

  • Almost every female character in Divergence Eve, but Kotoko-01 most of all, if her age dosen't do it then her piloting outfits definately do.

Remember, the trope isn't "Girl wears almost no clothes" it's "Girl has no taboo about being nude."
10:25:12 AM Jan 12th 2012
edited by Zappedfan
Nancy Kwan in "Tamahine" (1963) She's a Tahitian girl at an English all boys school (hi-jinks ensue). At one point she throws flowers from her window to a group of boys oblivious to the fact that they see her in her underwear. At another point she is asked to pose for the Art professor and just assumes he wanted her nude.
11:43:42 AM Oct 14th 2011
I think some of these should be moved over to Shameless Fanservice Girl.
11:31:12 AM Jun 20th 2011
Is it still this if the character in question understands that other people have an issue with it, he/she just doesn't him/herself? (Alternatively, responding to Please Put Some Clothes On with "Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it" or "Oh, for God's sake, get your priorities in order" instead of "Huh? Why?") That doesn't seem to fit the "innocent" bit, and the trope description seems to require obliviousness.
12:24:09 AM Jun 25th 2011
edited by silversymbiote
04:24:30 PM May 23rd 2011
Does it still count as this trope if the character in question is "somewhat" good about wearing clothes, save for the fact that she occasionally goes shirtless. * Also, these instances are treated as a Fan Disservice in-universe, and she simply doesn't see anything wrong with her actions. Is it still this trope? Just wondering.
10:37:02 PM Jun 8th 2011
Considering the example from The Fifth Element, which consists entirely of a character changing her top with men present, I'd say what you're describing definitely counts.
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