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02:35:23 PM Jan 14th 2012
edited by UncleSumer
Matt Howarth's BUGTOWN is a city/ world/ plane like this, where all the locals can shift between alternate worlds, especially the infamous Post Brothers, and their associates — His comics are very dark and funny, with nigh every character at least a badass / badass-normal, though what's "normal" in Bugtown is mostly beyond badass as a baseline ... His serial "Changes" first ran in Heavy Metal magazine, starring the Post Brothers, and began with their Apotheosis as supreme "Shifters" of alternate reality travel. Highly recommended by this troper if you appreciate the genre, (and alternative music), and a "Moorcockian" meta milleau, in which Cthulhu joins the best rock band in town - and Hiroshima is a goddess, formed from the souls nuked in that japanese city, for example . . .

Howarth has a web prescence easily found, with many related entries here in TV Tropes, of course - but i'll return to paste a link, if & when i get to it, soooon . . .

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