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04:22:44 PM Sep 10th 2014
I just noticed the page image is a silhouette of Europe and the Medetteranian, turned on it's side
07:46:49 PM Jan 15th 2013
edited by Candi
"* Parodied in Armageddon: one of the drillers is subjected to this as part of his astronaut training.
  • Rockhound: Woman with big breasts... woman with medium breasts... oh, this is like you (points to psychiatrist, who is male), but with breasts.
  • AJ Frost: This is Harry giving me a hard time. This is Harry telling me it's not good enough. This is Harry telling me I can't marry his daughter. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it."

If you look closely, the parts of the inkblots showing resemble the real life inkblots!
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