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05:40:09 AM Sep 3rd 2010
Another example is in the Chaung yi English version of Pokemon Adventures the Red and Blue Orbs are called Red and Blue Jewels in the Ruby/Sapphire Chapter, in the Emerald Chapter they are then called the Red and Blue Orbs
10:11:10 AM Jul 13th 2010
In the Chaung Yi English version of the emerald chapter of Pokemon Adventures manga, Psychic type is name the original japanese of Esper type in one page
10:16:39 AM Jul 13th 2010
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In the Singeporean English dub of Yugioh is like this.

Examples: Face Down is called Reverse in one episode then its changed back to Face down in a later episode

Odion is called Rishdo in one episode and in some episodes Episode he is called Odion
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