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05:32:22 AM Mar 29th 2013
edited by Candi
  • "Shiro Yoshida aka Sunfire from X-Men.
    • Also Leue Yoshida (sister of Sunfire) aka Sunpyre, Johnny Storm aka Human Flame, Saint-John Allerdyce aka Pyro...
  • Azraels throughout history have wielded a flaming sword in their guise as angels. The Knightfall novelization lovingly details how the sword has advanced through the centuries, from a sword wrapped in soaked rags and set on fire just before Azrael's appearance, to its then-current twin hollow gauntlet-mounted daggers with compressed air propelled through them to fuel the fire."

Removed these entries. According to how the trope description is written, the Human Torch and the others like him don't qualify as Incendiary Exponent entries. The Azrael entry should go under the Flaming Sword trope. Moving it there now.
06:49:36 PM Jul 20th 2012
Can I add None Piece to the Web Original section, since absolutely nothing can seem to go five seconds without spontaneously catching fire/blowing up?
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