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06:46:09 PM Jan 25th 2015
The Studio Ghibli version of Howl's Moving Castle might fit here, it follows very loosely the main plot of the book, but changes almost everything else, as well as simply dropping a load of stuff and adding in some extras such as an ongoing war. It is very faithful at the beginning then takes a sharp left turn as soon as all the main characters have been introduced.
02:53:49 PM Sep 21st 2017
Very late reply, but no. If it keeps anything of the original plot, then even massive amounts of creative liberties can't make it qualify.
02:31:35 PM Jan 19th 2015
"No real life examples please!" Err, why the hell not?
02:56:03 PM Jan 19th 2015
Too likely to attract misuse or fighting.
03:52:55 PM Jan 19th 2015
Isn't misuse of a trope what reverting an edit is for?
01:06:59 AM Jan 20th 2015
Yes, but if the section is taken over by misuse, deleting it is also an option. Real Life examples exist on sufferance.
04:53:43 AM Jan 20th 2015
I see.
04:43:53 PM Dec 6th 2014
Incomplete example removed from Film. If anyone knows the context, please fix.

  • There's a movie called Watcher in the Woods and there's a book called Watcher in the Woods. The claim has
02:33:31 PM Dec 14th 2012
Could we maybe have a "Your Mileage May Vary" page, because some games like Chrono Cross are definitely controversial as to whether they're true sequels or just in name only?
01:16:50 AM Nov 25th 2012
Is the religion examples really a good idea?

I didn't even understand the Jesus one.
05:38:49 PM Sep 22nd 2012
Some needs to further explain how the computer thing under new media counts, I'm not seeing it.

06:02:03 PM Sep 5th 2012
Real life examples may not be allowed, but I can't help but think of how applejacks don't taste like apples at all.
11:26:02 PM Sep 5th 2012
It's funny, but they're called applejacks because apples are used as one of the ingredients. It says so on the side of the box. They still don't taste like apples though.
08:18:31 AM Oct 20th 2012
I was about to put a "real life" folder and mention the Republic of Benin, which takes its name from the Benin Empire, a pre-colonial state that was actually in what is now SW Nigeria. Ironically the name substitued the pre-colonial name Dahomey, which was an actual native kingdom in the region before it got conquered by the French, so it's not even an excuse that they were getting back at evil European colonizers giving the natives a name that wasn't theirs. Others examples in Africa, for some reason or another, are Mauritania (not even close to the Roman province's location) and the two Congo republics, none of which cover the territory of the former Kingdom of Kongo that was in what is now northern Angola. Don't know if any of this was mentioned in the folder before it was taken down.
08:48:47 PM Nov 12th 2012
edited by MithrandirOlorin
The most notable real life example if we allowed them would be American "Nazi" groups. The only thing they even remotely have in common with Hitler's party is belief in "White Supremacy" (But still with very different answer to Why Whites are supposedly Superior) and using the Swastika as a symbol.

But their actual political ideology isn't even truly Fascist much less Nazi. They believe in states rights for the same reasons the KKK does, and so will often support Paleo-Conservative, Constitutionalist and Libertarian political candidates like Ron Paul(regardless of whether or not that candidate agrees with their views on Race). Hitler was the exact opposite, he first got noticed within his Party objecting the belief that the different parties of Germany should have their own distinct identities. If he'd been an American politicians he'd want the borders between the states abolished all together.
08:57:36 PM Jul 1st 2012
edited by Tealight
The classic Spyro the Dragon (as in the original trilogy) vs all the games to come after.

A LOT of fans of the original series refuse to consider the Legend of Spyro series to even be about Spyro, but rather a completely different character. They have good reason to, though, as the only thing the two have in common are name and color.

This also goes for the newest installment, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - in which "Spyro" isn't even the main character and could technically be considered a cameo. A good number of people think Activision only put his name in the title and added him into the game to make a profit because Spyro's name would grab more attention than just "Skylanders". You don't even have to play as Spyro at all!
09:07:10 PM Jan 18th 2012
  • The football management simulation game series Championship Manager was regarded as the greatest of its genre, until 2004, when creators SI Games and publishers Eidos split, SI Games keeping the rights to the base code, and Eidos the rights to the name. SI Games continued creating games under the new name Football Manager, regarded by most fans of the series as the true continuation of the CM/FM-series. However, Eidos keeps making games using the Championship Manager name and are now in direct competition with SI Games. Most fans deride Eidos' Championship Manager games as being cheaply and poorly made.
    • Football Manager is itself an example of this trope! The original Football Manager came out in the early-1980s and arguably founded the whole "football management sim" genre. It was massively successful in the UK, being ported to countless 8-bit (and later 16-bit) computers and spawning a number of sequels before the series fizzled out in the early-90s. Aside from being its spiritual heir, and having the rights to the name, the modern Football Manager series has no direct connection to the 1980s originals.

Comes across more as a rights-issue lesson and "one is poorly made" rather than what actually diverged.
09:05:56 PM Jan 18th 2012
edited by OldManHoOh
  • Many fans of the original Battlestar Galactica referred to the 2004 version as GINO ("Galactica In Name Only"), although the term's become less prevalent as the show's grown more popular and widely accepted. In the second season, Ron Moore included a Number Six Cylon named "Gina", a feminized version of the acronym, as a playful jab at the fans.

Are they wrong? Did the later seasons skew closer? What?
04:33:36 PM Sep 16th 2011
edited by MrDalek
06:07:17 PM Jan 25th 2011
edited by R.G.
06:07:16 PM Jan 25th 2011
edited by R.G.
There are those, myself included, who feel that Heath Ledger's Joker was Joker In Name Only.

(Among that number are those who prefer Jack Nicholson's portrayal.)
12:53:43 AM Mar 22nd 2011
06:27:44 PM Sep 7th 2010
  • Home Alone 3 has little to do continuity-wise with the previous films; Kevin's been replaced with an expy, Alex. The only true connections it has to the previous films are the plot, being set in the Chicago area, and its writer and producer, John Hughes. Understandable, though, since Macaulay Culkin was 17 at the time. Home Alone 4, which Hughes had nothing to do with, was also like this, but in a different way. Kevin and the other original characters were brought back, but were all recast, looking and acting almost nothing like their original selves.

If Home Alone 3 not only have a expy of the original main character as the main character but a similar plot, it not qualifies as In-Name-Only.

  • Some fans consider Chrono Cross to be an In Name Only sequel to Chrono Trigger, due to its drastically different game mechanics, setting and (at least initially) plot.
    • Interestingly enough, some of the developers have stated that Chrono Cross "takes where Chrono Trigger left off and continues, but it is not a sequel." It's not entirely clear what they meant by that—Gaiden Game? Spiritual Successor?
    • And the fact that a "sequel" often means "Continuing the previous installment" when it's not used as this trope.

Considering that the plot, after some time, turns into so connected to Chrono Trigger and full of Continuity Nod examples that is impossible understand anything without look into Chrono Trigger...not fits.

  • The No Export for You Monster World 4 has mostly the same gameplay as the previous Wonder Boy / Monster World titles, but a completely unrelated story.

If the gameplay is near identical, it not is In-Name-Only.

10:55:28 AM Jan 1st 2013
The fuck is up with your grammar? Do you speak English as a first language?
07:31:27 PM Sep 1st 2010
Quick question about this.

  • Opinion is divided as to whether Command & Conquer Generals fits this trope or not. While a good game in its own right, it's noticeably lacking in the C&C series' hallmarks, being closely based on Age of Empires and Blizzard's -craft games. Rumors abound of Generals being created as a bit of Yay America, terrorist-ass-kicking, feel-good propaganda in response to 9/11, which delayed another tibrem game.

Who argues that Generals does not fit this trope? I like it even though its not even remotely Command & Conquer.
09:03:26 AM Aug 2nd 2010
  • Similar to the above, most people would consider American democracy to pretty much be Democracy in name only - only in America will they preach "what the people want" then proceed to have the local governments flat-out ignore what people want or severely limit their input to lobbying/legal corruption and asking someone to vote for them.
    • Except that the US has never been, nor claimed to be, a democracy.
      • Everyone this troper has ever known has operated under the false knowledge that the USA is a democracy. They seemed to have slept through the 32 seconds in Social Studies where the teacher is forced t admit, very quietly, that America is a Republic.
      • Virtually every democracy on Earth is representative so I have no idea what planet one hails from that allows one to say something so foolish (republics can be both dictatorships or democracies). The statements below are equally ignorant: a republic is a state without a hereditary head, and as anyone can vote (and be elected) the system is democratic is is not imperial nor oligarchic. Is there a trope about most tropers having not yet graduated from high school?
    • It's a democratic republic. Republic because there are representatives, democratic because you vote for them instead of being assigned them. lrn2civics
      • I even go so far as to say that America is an Oligarchical Imperial Republic,
      • I'll let you in on a little secret - It's actually a corporate Democratic Republic. Where else are Big Businesses able to buy representatives to vote their way?
Too much natter, too little substance. If you don't like the American politics (note: nor do I), take it to some discussion board.
06:22:30 PM Aug 2nd 2010
Thank you. None of that belonged on the Main page. No matter who's right.
07:30:11 PM Sep 1st 2010
edited by nuclearneo577
See below.
02:35:22 PM Jul 26th 2010
  • EA Games' action hack-and-slash self-admitted God of War clone Dante's Inferno may very well give rise to another "DINO" — Dante In Name Only. About the only thing the hack-and-slash shares with the original Narrative Poem are the name of the protagonist, Dante (and it has been argued that it's not actually Dante Alighieri in the game), and the setting of the Nine Circles of Hell.

"The sinners Dante encounters in the book are all there, and you get the option of forgiving them or smiting them they even say a lot of the same things. Virgil's speeches are mostly accurate. Even the original political satire survived mostly intact (�in these popes and cardinals, greed suffered its excess".) The design of the Nine Circles in game is actually quite accurate with Alighieri's descriptions. About the only thing that's really different is Dante himself, and the whole "Famous pagans as lords of hell" thing.Also, a few politically incorrect things, like Mohammad in hell, and crusaders in heaven have been taken out as well. "This was put in the page of the game.
03:26:54 PM May 5th 2010
  • I dare to say that W.I.T.C.H. is such a case: the cartoon show threw out the melancholic and philosophic tone of the comic and made it a standart barbie-girl show la Winx Club. Personalities were either flanderized or completely changed and the story only took some basics from the comic, but rewrote everything else. Season two did it a little bit better, but, still season one appealed to everyone BUT the fans of the original comic...

By "the story only took some basics from the comics" you want say "the story is similar", right?
02:36:50 PM May 5th 2010
  • All Star Batman and Robin has a Batman who acts so out of character that Linkara dubbed him "BINO" (Batman In Name Only), and later — when even that was considered too generous — "Crazy Steve"
    • He would also dub the Superman from Superman at Earths End "Bearded Idiot" jokingly asking if this was just some homeless guy who picked up a superman shirt.

If the only thing is different in a character(and this character setting) is his personality, he is not In-Name-Only.

  • Shining Force CD, an Enhanced Remake of the first two Shining Force Gaiden Games doesn't have a whole lot to do with the first Shining Force game. The third one, however, is a completely different story, starring the main character of the first game's nephew and setting the stage for Shining Force 2.

"doesn't have a whole lot to do with the first Shining Force? With the same gameplay, Guardiana and the Guardiana characters having huge focus in Book 1, Domingo(of the first game) being a secret character and family members (and Expys) of original members of Shining Force being playable?
10:27:25 AM May 7th 2010
I agree about All Star Batman and Robin but the "Superman at Earth's End" example is pretty debatable. The character is nothing like Superman apart from having similar powers and costume. Still, lets leave it out as its not all that notable.
02:05:50 AM Mar 21st 2011
"If the only thing is different in a character(and this character setting) is his personality, he is not In Name Only."

By what definition? I'd have thought somebody acting completely different to a particular character, and yet being called by that character's name, was the very definition of 'In Name Only'.
03:17:05 PM Mar 21st 2011
The setting, the backstory, the skills, the position in the story... personality is important, but is not the only thing. Realize one description of all the informations you know about Batman, except the personality and compare with the Batman in All Star Batman And Robin.
12:53:22 AM Mar 22nd 2011
It depends on if you're In Name Onlying Batman the character or Batman the comic. If it's the entire comic, you're right, that's not enough. If it's the character, I stand by my 'that's what In Name Only' means. Batman's position in the story is, he's a hero. In All Star Crazy Steve and Dick Grayson, Age 12, he's a loony, and psychotically incapable of caring about the consequences of his actions.

Granted, the skills and backstory seem to be there, (the setting isn't part of Batman... depending on your interpretation) but it still hardly seems like Batman in this work. (Note: I'm not putting that back on there, just discussing it here. I haven't read it, just seen the Linkara review referenced above.)
02:12:53 PM May 5th 2010
  • This is a frequent complaint when manga gets adapted into anime. Sometimes, the resulting show will have the character's names and designs and little else (and sometimes not even that). To be fair, this may be because the anime Overtook the Manga, and the manga ended up going in an entirely different direction. A good example of this would be Sailor Moon.
    • And let's not even get started on Excel Saga and its anime adaptation. Read the manga, then watch the anime, then try and tell me the two are the same.
      • Although Excel Saga's example was completely intentional, as the author mocks everything.

Sailor Moon hardly is In-Name-Only to the manga.
08:49:49 PM Mar 17th 2010
There's a lot of entries on here that are They Changed It, Now It Sucks! type reactions. Why is the Shining included? A one character dies in the movie that didn't in the book, and the ending is different? How does that count for In-Name-Only?
02:14:06 PM May 5th 2010
You is right. I am repairing this now.
03:13:09 PM May 5th 2010
  • Stanley Kubrick's version of The Shining uses the basic premise of the book, but not much else. He has no problem killing off the ostensible hero, for instance, or leaving the hotel intact to trap more people. Still a good film, though.
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