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09:53:17 AM Oct 25th 2010
edited by mrwolfgangbeard
The current description sounds like Talking Is a Free Action where P Cs can alert each other to danger, make extensive battle plans, have heated debates, remake battle plans, discuss possible hidden threats and how the scenario's outcome might be linked to the overall campaign all in the first instance of an ambush.

In and Out of Character is similar but applies largely to non combat situations when the players discuss the game with each other in the presence of NPC(s)
10:11:02 AM Oct 25th 2010
A better example would be if a party was trying to gate crash the Big Bads wedding ceremony and argued about whether they should bluff their way past the guards, batter through the heavy defences immediately, scale the walls under the cover of darkness, or leave for the moment and look for a hidden entrance... All while their characters are engaged in conversation with said guards.
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