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05:27:06 PM Dec 15th 2011
edited by nemui10pm
The folder placement is a mess. I always have to check both the Video Games folder and Web Original folder for examples from this game, and it's even worse when it's a video game trope and II can be categorised as MMORPG, Role-Playing Game, Adventure Game or Text Adventure Game. I am planning on crosswicking the examples from this page, so I want to know where I should place the examples. Anyone has an idea?
09:36:20 PM May 19th 2012
CMJ & the banner ads keep calling it a Text Adventure Game, so I'd go with that.
02:55:37 PM Jun 4th 2010
So, anyone play this game?
05:30:32 PM Aug 28th 2010
I used to, but I didn't log in within a month and lost my account with 6 D Ks. :/
04:37:04 AM Nov 11th 2010
I do and have a permanent account. I, luckily, wrote in reasons for my character to randomly disappear as this year has been weird. I enjoy it.
10:01:41 PM Jul 11th 2011
I do.
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