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06:53:01 AM Oct 5th 2014
Not sure how many of these are actually "improbable". For example, the Golgo 13 example mentions the shot from room 909; honestly, there's no way he couldn't have made that shot. Hell, I probably could have. All he had to do was some simple math to calculate the basic adjustments, then last minute calculate the windage. I calculated it myself, with nothing more than the information provided in the show (and an approximate formula for the height of the floors in the buildings). In the show they even mention that until the evening, the wind was steady in the same direction and speed. I've never shot a .30-06, but I've shot an M16 and M4, and with an ACOG (4x magnification), I could take your hat off at 300 meters. You can't tell me a pro sniper with a 16x (maybe 10x if he's that good) scope couldn't pull off a 500 meter shot. Adjust the scope for a 60in drop and about 30in to the shooter's left, aim between the eyes, and he's done. The claim on the page is that it was statistically impossible; looks to me like a statistical cake-walk. Sure, in practice *I* may have needed a second shot, but a professional sniper would have hit that shot in his sleep.
11:37:25 AM Oct 5th 2014
I suspect that some people have incorrect ideas on the aiming ability of firearms. I don't know anything about that example, though.
11:49:08 PM Feb 14th 2014
Lampshaded in David Weber and John Ringo's "Empire of Man" series when Prince Roger reveals he has an assassin program in his "toot", the computer embedded in his skull.
09:05:39 PM Dec 12th 2011
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Moved the Ramayana example to Multishot.
12:11:23 PM Oct 26th 2011
In the ending of The Odyssey when Odysseus successfully gets an arrow through 12 axes, is that an example of this trope? I've never been clear on whether he shot through the actual axe blades, or rings attached to them, and I can't figure out what the distance was.
01:00:39 AM Jun 27th 2012
Most visual interpretations are that he shot through the small rings on the ax handles; the axes were positioned such that all the rings were in air making a straight path for an very long distance. Odysseus apparently shot straight through all of them at range with a giant-ass bow and a giant-ass arrow that would barely fit through the rings.
02:03:31 PM Jul 6th 2010
How about we find out how much of this trope is truth in television and how much is just rule of cool.
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