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06:30:11 PM Jun 27th 2014
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Removed these examples:

This is Importation Contraction, if that. (Otherwise, it's "Thing that Japan does the proved profitable and so is copied.")
  • Albums released in Japan usually have Bonus Tracks, a lyric booklet in Japanese and an exclusive Obi Strip. This is to justify the high cost of new CDs (and previously vinyl records) in Japan. Record companies quickly discovered this was a lucrative business and albums in Australia and the UK often have bonus tracks as well (albeit without the additional booklet and obi strip). It rarely happens in the US and mainland Europe, but has been known to on occasion.

Flat What:
  • Jerry Warren
05:45:58 PM May 27th 2012
Is this really a Dead Horse Trope? Everything listed under Live Action TV is newer than the supposed 1970s death date.
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