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05:24:09 PM Feb 3rd 2012
I know this was a decided-on overhaul of the trope... but can we re-add references to Type I, Type IV, etc. for reference? It makes a lot of currently existent pages and references to the trope very confusing if they aren't — Apocalypse How retained a listing of the previous types for this reason.
06:53:22 PM Apr 17th 2012
For reference, the old types and what tropes they correspond to:

08:35:57 PM Jul 15th 2012
That you.

I have no idea why they changed it. Considering most pages refer to these.
02:42:38 PM Jan 4th 2012
Where are the other types gone ?
12:56:06 PM Sep 10th 2011
Should Teela Brown (from the ringworld) be on this list? Immortality by luck, she didn't die until she wanted to, no idea what type that would fall under though
08:20:26 AM Aug 2nd 2011
It strikes me that some of the different types of immortality currently listed are more like a source of immortality than a type. The difference as I see it is that a type of immortality should give a general idea of what the immortal won't die from, while a source of immortality merely explains how that immortals type of immortality is acheived. As listed, being Undead and having External immortality give no hints at the type of immortality. Parasitic and Vampiric Immortality gives some suggestion as to the type of immortality just giving it a cause. The Projected Avatar, Immortality only, Ressurective, Regenerative, Undying and Perfect Immortality all give clear indications on the scope of the immortality while leaving its cause open. Legacy based and Type Zero immortality are still special enough to deserve classification as types rather than causes. Also an addition source of immortality not currently listed would be needed, innate for those natural types of immortality where the immortal is just born that way.
10:29:33 AM Aug 1st 2011
What would "people in Lost who won't die until the Island lets them, like Michael in season 4 fall under?
03:27:04 PM Oct 16th 2010
Type V.

Wouldn't it be more fun and easier to remember if Type V was Vampiric Immortality?
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