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05:52:00 PM Jun 6th 2015
edited by DarthWalrus
would Skiing's course difficulties "Green Circle, Blue Square, Black Diamond, Double Black Diamonds. Count?
09:18:55 PM Apr 7th 2015
So are the "unsorted" examples there because there's no explanation as to what the names represent, or is it literally just because nobody bothered to sort them into the alphabetical list yet? 'Cause I don't mind a little busywork. (Message me; I'm guaranteed to forget to check back in on this discussion.)
12:19:13 AM Apr 8th 2015
Nobody alphabetized them, I think.
01:45:38 PM Nov 30th 2013
Removed this note from the beginning of the examples section:

These examples should be the names of the levels only, since that's what the trope is about.

Especially with the boldface, I feel this goes against the spirit of this wiki, which is to disallow Zero Context Examples and explain everything adequately. Besides, many games have labels concisely explaining their difficulty levels, and I think such information is worth listing.
07:07:06 AM Sep 17th 2012
I suggest splitting this (aside from the sole non-video game example) into folders, as it's slowly getting big.
11:45:33 PM Jan 26th 2014
I second this. Game Genre folders should be added for easier management.

The format is rather different from what I've seen on other pages.
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