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05:58:06 AM Aug 29th 2015
edited by macks2010
Shouldn't the second example under "literature" (the one about the "old live action kung fu movie") be classified under "films - live-action"?
10:06:06 AM Aug 29th 2015
If it can be fleshed out, then yes. If not, it should be deleted because it's poorly written and doesn't even know what work it's talking about.
03:03:23 PM Sep 5th 2011
I'm going to tone down the amount of spoilers in the page quote, it's senseless to give away a brilliant twist like that with no chance to avoid it. Sure it's an old work, but sheesh.
03:01:11 AM Feb 8th 2011
Since this page hasn't an image, can I suggest this one?
08:37:30 AM Feb 8th 2011
And how does an indistinct sillouhette of someone on fire illustrate the trope, exactly?
02:40:23 PM Feb 11th 2011
It's Nanoha Takamachi, who is left handed, holding her weapon... in her right hand. I guess it's more of an in-joke (not to mention artist error) than a real illustration, so... never mind.
10:43:29 PM Dec 4th 2010
Adding this here since it's not an example. Fallout: New Vegas references this trope. "I Am Not Left Handed" is the name of one of the challenges you can do for an EXP reward, involving the crippling of enemies' right arms (or equivalent). If this is something that can go on the main article then you can add it there.
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