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08:56:12 PM Nov 8th 2011
Does this trope include "cold personality"? The description never said anything about that, yet some examples notes the cold personality as if it's already a part of the trope, and this trope appears in Characterization Tropes index.

So what should be done?
07:38:47 AM Sep 19th 2011
Since when is Iaijutsu a 'mainly defensive' technique? I actually practice it (muso-shinden style) and many of the techniques revolve around killing the other guy before he can react, and it also has at least one straight-out assassination technique.
01:46:51 PM Aug 31st 2011
You should really consider another picture for the page. That's his "mission complete" flourish.
09:39:50 AM Aug 22nd 2010

Well the number of examples has improved.

On its tropeability, it is easy to see this as something like Quick Draw. Notice that page talks about its examples in terms of characters. It isn't just a thing done, the camera and the scenarios will be set off to show this particular ability and by being part of their skill set, helps define the character. The same applies here. The style really is the Quick Draw of the sword.

I imagine there is more out there and YKTTW would have reaped plenty of reward because it was used in The Seven Samurai so probably every samurai film since then made the cool, collected, studious one be an expert at the quick draw and single stroke battle.

So: description, tropeability, examples and a capacity for growth. Keep it.
01:12:07 PM Aug 22nd 2010
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