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02:49:56 PM Sep 27th 2014
Why isn't there a trope page for the IOS?
02:28:11 AM Sep 28th 2014
Because it's not a work. TV Tropes isn't a catalogue for everything under the sun.
01:24:23 AM Dec 15th 2013
Couldn't there be some notation to show which ones are also on iPad?
01:40:20 PM Jan 8th 2012
What consensus is there on the difference between Retro Games and Ported Games? So far it just seems to be that Retro Games are old games that have been ported, but without a clear cutoff for "retro" (Tetris is a very old ported game, for example).

And it'd be great to see a note on ports designating whether they're full ports or mini-versions. I've downloaded a couple of games listed based on their glowing page praise only to discover the iOS game is a disappointing mini-version. Or should we separate full ports and mini-versions into their own sections?
03:23:11 AM Jan 12th 2012
Maybe we should set a time limit, at 1995 or such. Any game originally older than that counts as retro, newer games count as ported.
05:02:38 PM Jan 16th 2012

Is there a distinction between "retro games that have been popular/available all along" (like Tetris) and "retro games that went out of print / were obscure / were unavailable but gained new playability and popularity on IOS" (like The King of Dragon Pass)?
11:27:21 PM Jan 16th 2012
Don't think so.
09:11:08 AM Oct 14th 2013
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Should a game being simultaneously developed for iOs and other platforms (full version, not a stripped-down one) go in "new full games" or "games with port"? I stuck Storyteller in the second category, but I'm not sure that's correct.

This distinction may actually be growing irrelevant now that iOs development is more mainstream.
12:13:25 AM Dec 15th 2013
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There are also many Retraux games there
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