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11:44:27 AM Dec 21st 2014
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I've pulled a couple of questionable examples for discussion. I'm not familiar enough with either work to make the determination myself.
  • Is the "seduction expert" character in Psych, season 5, in love with his friend merely because she's immune to his tactics, or did he fall in love with her because he discovered other things about her due to the failure of these tactics?

In other words, "Maybe this is an example and maybe it isn't." The thing is, this isn't a YMMV trope, so we need a definitive answer. Also, phrasing an example as a question invites natter, which is why the practice is frowned on.
  • Prince Arthur from Merlin begins to fall in love with Guinevere because she's the only one who refuses to suck up to him, and calls him out on his rude behavior.
  • not true. Morgana called him out on his rudeness and arrogance right from the start, as did Merlin. Gwen was the last of the three other leads to do this.

This example and its nattery response are flatly contradictory. So, is this example valid or not?
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