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10:59:51 PM Sep 3rd 2011
Dropping the real life section: examples must provide all the details. Examples that are just links are not allowed. Please don't add any example that requires an external link be followed to make sense. See How to Write an Example for more.

    Real Life 
08:47:07 PM Oct 14th 2010
I think the title for this should be "Bring The Girl To Me."
06:01:40 AM Oct 30th 2010
That sounds a bit too much like 'Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me', though. Might be a little confusing.
07:10:13 AM Jul 14th 2011
It does kinda need a new name, though. The current one sounds way too much like the wicked witch of the west.
08:23:19 AM Dec 7th 2011
Sounds like the witch? Where is it actually from? About the name. I like "Bring Her to Me". The original line fits the trope and the picture fits the name.
10:25:13 AM Sep 5th 2012
It is not from the 1939 movie, although I remember reading about it refering to the Wicked Witch. Where did this phrase come from?
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