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06:05:04 AM Dec 2nd 2010
Here is a discussion about replacing the page's pic; I pulled it because it's a demotivator.
06:07:58 AM Mar 30th 2010
edited by DaibhidC
Pulled this:
  • The Trolls of The 10th Kingdom have "dwarf moss" that makes you see fairies. However, the real example is the Troll King's invisibility shoes, which give their wearer such a great sense of power that they become more and more obsessed with wearing them all the time. Even touching them seems to be enough to begin the process; as soon as Virginia does so, she hides them in her backpack, thinks of nothing else, and acts increasingly paranoid, even clutching the shoes like Linus's security blanket. This is lampshaded by Wolf (twice!) when he claims "magic is very nice, but it's very easy to get addicted", and later tells Virginia she is "hopelessly addicted to those shoes... and I'm not too far behind!" Whether this is meant to be a parody or an object lesson is never made clear, but it certainly plays out with extreme hilarity.

Because it's more Fantastic Drug.
12:28:05 AM Mar 18th 2010
edited by DrRoy
Dr Roy: Does kitten huffing (from Uncyclopedia) count, or is this one of those subtle trope distinctions I'm missing? Also, does Uncyclopedia count as a "web original"?
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