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04:44:32 AM Aug 11th 2017
Several of the examples on this page are not examples of I Call It Vera and should go under Named Weapons instead.
07:36:17 AM Feb 8th 2013
Would anyone object to changing the quote to this one from the quotes page?

Xander: Yeah, great knife. Although I think it may technically be a sword.
Jack: She's called Katie.
Xander: You gave it a girl's name. How very serial killer of you.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Zeppo"

It better demonstrates the trope and also isn't the exact same phrasing as the trope name.
10:37:09 AM Feb 8th 2013
I have no objections, but I'm not sure if Bossman will be cool with it...
01:25:15 PM Dec 21st 2011
This ins't a typo redirect, the name of the trope is I Call Her "Vera".
02:11:18 PM Dec 21st 2011
But if you type "I Callit Vera", with "Call" and "it" as single words, with a lowercase i, you get "I callit Vera", and "callit" is not a word. So instead of I Call It "Vera" or I Call Her "Vera", someone can type I Callit Vera for some reason.
10:53:55 AM Dec 20th 2011
Why is this a redirect? "I Callit Vera" seems like a typo of "I Call It "Vera"".
11:32:10 AM Feb 1st 2011
It seems that this has merged itself with Named Weapons and the examples are mostly indistinguishable. As far as I can understand, this trope is about a personal name for a weapon that isn't widely known, whereas named weapons are those that have names as part of their lineage. Is this right and should a lot of examples then be moved to Named Weapons?
01:26:12 PM Oct 23rd 2011
I can see no distinction between the two tropes.
07:56:43 PM Nov 7th 2011
They do seem the same. But we need the picture of Jayne back!
09:28:44 AM Nov 23rd 2012
edited by CarrieVS
From the descriptions of the two tropes, it's definitely intended to be distinct (this a subtrope of the other). But it seems like moving the (ir)relevant examples to the other trope is going to be a losing battle.

There's no point having both if people can't tell the difference, so they either need merging, or the description of this one needs some work to make the distinction clear.

I'm in favour of the letter solution, since I think this subtrope has value.
03:58:34 AM Aug 3rd 2013
Perhaps someone should open a TRS to address the misuse.
05:38:29 PM Sep 8th 2013
For example ASOIAF should be deleted from here and left in Named Weapons.
05:22:55 AM Jun 13th 2010
To add. In literature should be "The Dresden Files" and the three Swords of the Cross: Amoracchius (Love), Fidelacchius (Faith), and Esperacchius (Hope)
07:33:26 PM Mar 31st 2010
07:37:17 PM Mar 31st 2010
In regards to the section for Goats, which reads:

"Goats has three unrelated characters all owning guns named "Bessie". Coincidence? Plot point? Or lazy author (and overly attentive troper)?"

I will not deny that I can be a lazy author but it is not the case in this instance: the repeated naming is intentional. It's a quirk of the artificial multiverse the characters live in, cheap and easy programming shortcuts having been used throughout its creation.

Also, my parents named all of their cars "Bessie", so maybe that plays a small part too.
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