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06:41:21 PM Jan 9th 2015
Sometime last year (2014), Leva Bates was wrestling in WSU dressed as someone from Assassin's Creed. I don't know who, but I am very sure there is no one in the game named Assassin's Creed, which she was referred to as on commentary. I'm pretty sure this was just a joke, what I'm not sure of is whether I should put the entry in the professional wrestling or video game folder.
12:33:31 AM Jul 28th 2014
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As pointed out: now, Shazam really is Shazam. It doesn't matter that he wasn't, he IS now, so the trope title became false. We really should rename it.

My suggestion is "I Am Not Zelda".

Everyone knows someone who thinks Link is the Zelda the title of the franchise speaks of.
01:18:59 AM Jul 28th 2014
Already discussed, already rejected. Also, if we picked a new name it would have to be a name and not a line of dialogue - see No New Stock Phrases.
04:44:18 PM Sep 3rd 2013
We should rename this "I am not Doctor Who." It'd be easier to get for everyone, and still be relevant.
01:22:45 AM Sep 26th 2013
The only problem is that he is the Doctor, so it's still half-right.
06:29:39 PM Oct 24th 2013
Nah, not really. Either it's his name or it's not his name, and Doctor Who is not his name.
05:31:38 AM Nov 24th 2013
This trope definitely needs to renamed
03:44:39 PM Aug 27th 2013
Where to put an example of a videogame that makes a mistake about a book? Namely in Final Fantasy VI in the World of Ruin there's a place with many hellish monsters, including Dante.

Should it go to Video Games or Literature?
03:41:09 PM Jan 30th 2012
DC just announced they are changing his name to Shazam once and for all. Looks like we need a new trope name.
08:25:50 AM Sep 9th 2012
edited by DynamiteXI
Not necessarily, for a number of reasons.

1.) He was Captain Marvel for approximately sixty years, during which he was NOT Shazam. 2.) The guy in the page picture is from a continuity where he's Captain Marvel. 3.) I doubt the new name will last, given the character's history; all it takes is a new DC editor who likes Captain Marvel, and ANOTHER reboot post-New 52. 4.) Wikipedia and the DC Comics Wikia both still use "Captain Marvel." 5.) Captain Mar-Vell is NOT Shazam. :)
06:07:11 PM Dec 23rd 2011
Why is this YMMV all of a sudden?
12:29:13 PM Jan 7th 2012
The cited examples seem to come down to whether or not the name confusion is frequent for a certain character, such as Captain Marvel/Shazam, Link/Zelda, Pit/Kid Icarus, or The Creature/Frankenstein. It's factually inaccurate to the source material to say that the hero of Ocarina of Time is a boy named Zelda, but it's subjective whether or not the misunderstanding is common. I'd personally have tagged it as trivia and not YMMV, but there you are.

If you have a media example of the misunderstanding, the trope to put on the work's page would be Cowboy BeBop at His Computer, as that one isn't YMMV tagged.
10:17:38 PM Apr 29th 2011
Should we maybe differentiate between things that are actually misnamed and metonymy?
10:14:27 AM Mar 1st 2011
This page has gotten to just under 225,000 characters, and is getting a bit difficult to navigate in my opinion. Once it hits 400,000 characters, it will hit Fast Eddie's Big Page Lock report and need to be split.

I propose that we go ahead and perform the split now to pre-empt the problem, and to make the page more readable. I would be basically giving each folder its own sub-page, with the main article being an index of those sub-pages.

Would anyone object to me doing this? If not, I will probably get to it in a week or so, to give people time to chime in.
06:54:48 AM Mar 17th 2011
Since no one objected, I went ahead and made this change. New examples should be placed in the appropriate subpage.
09:58:39 AM Jul 17th 2010
Unless it's under the idea of "which one of you is Beatle or Ramone or Eagle", then band names don't fit here.
10:38:05 AM Jul 9th 2010
I think my rationale in the reasons was a bit vague, but I still can't see how Valve/Steam/Source fit.
02:17:41 AM Jul 1st 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
Make a note to remind people not to put Brand Name Takeover examples here. Brand Name Takeover examples belong on...Brand Name Takeover. Shocking, isn't it?
10:31:39 PM Jun 29th 2010
Somebody with more time than me should add "Slitheen" under "Doctor Who"
10:26:11 AM Jul 9th 2010
No, because a) The show isn't called Slitheen and b) Every Raxacoricofallapatorian with a line is part of the Slitheen family.
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