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10:31:19 AM Dec 7th 2013
"Subverted and somewhat deconstructed in Final Fantasy XII. Your heroes are members of the Dalmascan resistance trying to free the kingdom from the Archadians, and off in the distance somewhere the Archadians are worried about a war with the Rozzarrians. However, as the game progresses it becomes clear Rozzaria really is the bigger player in the plot, and the resistance is actually the Hufflepuff House. The only reason Archadia is paying any attention to the resistance and the heroes is because they can't fight a war on two fronts and don't want the Rozzarrians to use an attack by the resistance as pretext to intervene and go to war with Archadia, a war that would basically be the Ivalice equivalent of World War II. As a result, during the climax the big battle between the resistance and Archadia occurs and the heroes try to stop it and placate the faction leaders before Rozzarria makes its move."

Not an example. First off, the heroes of the story cannot be a Hufflepuff House. If the plot of the work centers on them (even if the setting does not), then by definition they are not this trope.

Then there's the Rozzarria/Archadia/resistance dynamic. The idea is that because the real conflict is between Rozzarria and Archadia, and because the resistance is somewhat peripheral to them and much smaller in consequence, then the resistance must be Hufflepuff, right? Sorry, but no. A relatively minor faction is not the same as a totally irrelevant one. The resistance is a vital part of the story; it's not a Hufflepuff House just because there are bigger things going on.
02:53:45 PM Jul 8th 2013
So, "When a background character/group actually does have impact in the forehead, they are a Hero of Another Story"? Am I reading that right?

I think what was meant here was foreground, not forehead. Though I'm really amused.
09:15:41 PM Feb 7th 2013
Gundam Seed Destiny has Lacus and Cagalli ruling their respective homelands and Fukuda hasn't made a remark about who replaced Copeland. Plus Fukuda doesn't put much emphasis on Earth Alliance in Seed Destiny except with the Atlantic Federation and Eurasion Federation. But a different writer did put emphasis on EA in C.E. 73 Stargazer.
07:57:22 AM Jun 30th 2011
edited by CommanderCross
[[Main/Characters Percy Jackson and the Olympians Would it be alright if the Aphrodite and Hephaestus cabins qualify as justifiable examples of the Hufflepuff House trope, considering that not much was said about the latter and the former did not have many fight-worthy cabin members shown, before the latest cabin-head as of the end of The Lost Hero?]]

Blast it, i can't seem to get the link right!
10:22:00 AM Oct 2nd 2010
"Avatar: The Last Airbender had Fire Nation playing the Big Bad and The Water Tribe and The Air Nomads both more or less affixed to their own hats, the Earth Kingdom had to act as a convenient catch-all for miscellaneous fantasy / adventure archetypes, Red Shirt, Mauve Shirt, or otherwise."

I think this trope is starting to melt. All of the nations in Avatar had an entire season on them (except for Air, which is where the main character comes from). In other words, not unimportant.
10:26:36 AM Jul 4th 2011
That's because most of the Airbenders died, if i heard right.
01:56:34 PM Jul 12th 2011
Well the title is "Avatar: The Last Airbender". :P
12:55:31 PM Sep 30th 2010
Ununnilium: •SG-1 had more then those. The Re'tu, the Re'ol, the Tok'ra and one could even argue to include the Free Jaffa to the list.

SG 1 emphasized the disposablilty of the Muggle Planets by always calling them by their gate number P 3 X 254, NEVER by the nae of the people who live there. At least if they had Play The White Man and named the planets "Carterland", "Danielopolis" or "Tealc'hborough", it would have meant they CARED about those places.
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