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03:40:48 PM Jul 16th 2012
We should add, under Literature, Han Solo from Star Wars since that's essentially what he becomes as Leia gets more and more involved in the New Republic government.
08:20:19 PM Nov 5th 2011
Removing the "kitchen bitches" comments from the end. The original comment linked two articles as proof that house husbands are regularly disparaged by common insult-terms and that "obviously women don't really want feminine men".

One of those articles was about COOKING, and was complaining about male dominance in the sphere of professional chefdom more than she was focusing on her husband, who was NOT a househusband. She mentions men dominating the kitchen in an "all too manly" way. Not only that but it also mentioned how her friends gloated about how lucky they were to have husbands that could cook.

The other was about a wide range of marital problems and again DID NOT MENTION house husbands at all!
03:02:57 PM Feb 21st 2011
I'm sorry, this looks like it was written by a Straw Feminist. Is it really such a big deal that people can't accept that men don't work outside the home? Also, how is it a case of Real Men Wear Pink, which is where otherwise tough,manly men wear pink? It doesn't count if he doesn't live up to society expectations to manliness while wearing pink.
09:04:00 PM Feb 21st 2011
Yes, actually, it really is such a big deal. Even in our supposedly enlightened modern times, when (for example) a man lists "homemaker" on a resume to explain a block of time he spent otherwise unemployed, people still ask him what he really was doing.

A man who stays home and takes care of the kids is an unemployed layabout. A woman who makes the same "career choice" is "following her motherly instincts". This is for real.

Also, there still exists the prejudice in society (and especially the media) that Guys Are Slobs, and thus cannot keep a house clean or raise the kids.

So to answer your question, yes, this really is a big deal. Its as big a deal as The Unfair Sex and Positive Discrimination.
05:03:08 PM Feb 22nd 2011
Yes, but how does it connect to Real Men Wear Pink?
03:55:55 PM Apr 10th 2011
Because it's not like women do it and people whine their heads off about them not being "real women. Oh wait...
08:29:37 PM Nov 5th 2011
Wait... so you're complaining that men aren't taking their discrimination in silence? Sexist much?
09:30:02 AM Nov 12th 2011
rose64bud, it's not a *case* of Real Men Wear Pink unless the house-husband in question is arguing that he is a better man because he is capable of defying expectations and being great at supposed traditionally-feminine chores (which happens, but isn't the common House Husband trope). However, it's clearly *related* to Real Men Wear Pink and can be compared to it because they are both examples of men doing something that is seen as traditionally unmanly, but in an at least partially positive way.
04:50:56 PM Dec 31st 2011
edited by Stoogebie
This trope is related to Real Men Wear Pink. It all depends on how the trope is played out. If it's meant that the House Husband is a great dad who makes excellent meals and takes pride in his work around the house, but this is neither treated as being "girly" or "spectacular"*, then it is absolutely Real Men Wear Pink.