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The description of this trope is contradictory:

"If the word "model" appears anywhere on The Other Wiki's entry on their actor, you're definitely dealing with one.

[...] Please note that this applies to a character, not simply any hot actor playing a scientist, for the same reason Real Life examples are not listed here. Most actors are "hot" in the first place, so it usually goes unsaid. You can have an attractive scientist without their hotness being a plot element in the work - that would not fall under "Hot Scientist"."

So which one is it? Does a hot actress qualify you or not?
12:11:55 AM Oct 8th 2014
A "hot actress" is definitively not enough to qualify.
02:06:18 AM Jan 5th 2013
Now why has a majority of the examples been deleted?
08:14:25 PM Feb 7th 2013
Look below.
09:05:54 PM Oct 21st 2013
Maybe what's needed is an addition to the description, along the lines of: "Being a female scientist is not enough to be this trope. The character must either be noted as being unusually attractive in-universe, or else must be the subject of Fanservice."
03:31:29 PM Nov 10th 2012
edited by captainpat
Moving bad examples here for repairs.

The example section for this page has a ton of issues

  • zero context examples
  • Personal opinions of a character's attractiveness
  • Character that are just medical doctors
  • Live action examples that focus on the actor's attractiveness instead of the character.

When adding example to this trope please make sure it's clear that the character is a scientist (not a doctor but a scientist), and explain why they are attractive (Fanservice tropes, The Beautiful Tropes, whether they're a Love Interest).
03:30:15 PM Nov 10th 2012
    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Alyssa Moy long time friend of Reed Richards.
  • Hannah Dundee from Xenozoic Tales.
  • Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy of Batman's rogues gallery, in some continuities.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four Sue Storm certainly qualifies. Her mother, too.
  • Veronica Cale of 52.
  • Evelyn Necker of Marvel Comics Death's Head II and Nova.
  • Kirk and Francine Langstrom are both very attractive - when they're not Man-Bat (or Woman-Bat). Then again, if you've got a thing for furries, nobody's stopping you.
  • Hank Pym, in most of his incarnations.
  • And another, Dr Henry "Hank" McCoy (aka "Beast") from the X-Men comics. X-Men The Last Stand puts him in a suit too.
  • Dr. Sasha Tarasov from Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars. A hot evil scientist sure, but hot nonetheless.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • This type of character was a staple of the Attack of the Killer Whatever "B" movies of the '50s. A particularly blatant example would be Joan Weldon's character in the giant-ant classic Them!; the distaff half of a father-daughter entomologist team, the first we see of her is a pair of shapely legs emerging from an airplane hatch.
  • The character that inspired this page was "Dr." Cataline Stone in Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, a film of such constant, royal stupidity that "the day would quake to look on."
  • From the James Bond series:
  • Attractive young Irishman Cillian Murphy (sporting an indie-rock hair cut) as a theoretical physicist in Sunshine (2007). The crew were worried about the implausibility of the casting, until they met their science advisor, an attractive young British theoretical physicist (sporting an indie-rock haircut). That advisor being Brian Cox, erstwhile keyboard player with D:Ream.
    • This trope arguably applies to the bulk of the main cast.
    • He also played a psychologist in Batman Begins, but he may or may not be evil enough in that movie to enhance the Squee!.
    • He also played computer expert Edward Dillinger Jr. in TRON: Legacy.
  • In the Fantastic Four movies, Susan Storm exemplifies this trope, primarily since she's now being played by Jessica Alba. To be fair, it could be argued that this actually represents a step up from her initial appearances in the comics, where her major role appeared to be super-powered morale boosting.
    • In the first movie, she seemed to be trying for this trope at first to attract Reed's attention. It didn't work very well.
    • Several female fans of the movies insist that Reed Richards, played by Ioan Gruffold, qualifies for a male version of this trope.
  • The film versions of X-Men turned Jean Grey into this. When she's giving her speech to Congress at the beginning of the film, or whenever she's in a lab coat, hot damn!
  • Altered States had Emily (played by Blair Brown), a former Teen Genius sweating out her dissertation at an improbably young age.
  • Methodically subverted in the monster movie Tremors with the character of Rhonda LeBeck. She's still just a grad student, not a professor. Actress Finn Carter, while certainly attractive, is no glamour puss. (Another character even lists the physical attributes this sort of character normally has, before seeing that Ms. Carter lacks all of them.) She sports clothes and a hairstyle appropriate for tramping around in the Nevada desert. And best of all, even though this is a monster movie, she stubbornly refuses to come up with A Theory to explain the attacking Graboids.
    • The sequel Tremors II: Aftershocks also does a pretty good job in this regard, casting Helen Shaver to play an age-appropriate love-interest for Fred Ward's character.
  • The movie adaptation of The Saint had Elisabeth Shue as a physicist who had developed a reliable method for cold fusion.
    • She was originally supposed to die two thirds of the way through (which is why Shue took the role) but test audiences reacted badly to it so a Focus Group Ending was made to where she lived.
    • The barely-less-forgettable Hollow Man had Elisabeth Shue as a molecular biologist who had helped develop an invisibility serum.
  • Saffron Burrows played a rare example of a villainous Hot Scientist in Deep Blue Sea.
  • Subverted in Thunderbirds where Genie Francis was made to look hideous as evil scientist Lisa Lowe.
  • James Van Der Beek plays heroic scientist Kirk Hafner in NBC's 2009 made for TV movie, The Storm. That's him on the far left.
  • Marina in Local Hero is a hot scientist ... and a mermaid.
  • Emma Thompson in the beginning of I Am Legend. Sure, she destroys the world, but goddamn, just imagine being her lab assistant...
  • Audrey Tautou in The Da Vinci Code. Even Tom Hanks turns into a Dirty Old Man in her presence!
  • Zooey Deschanel in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, especially when she's first seen in the main story, wearing the men's dress shirt, blue stretch pants, argyle socks, and those glasses! Oh, god, I'm nerding out!!!
  • Tiffany Bolling in Kingdom of the Spiders.
  • Subverted thoroughly in The Andromeda Strain, 1971: the Kate Reid character is very much a real scientist, and not played to conventional standards of attractiveness.
  • Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar, either Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have! style as a human or Cat Girl in Stanford tank top style as an avatar.
  • Elsa in Splice.
  • At least one vote for Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters.
  • Lora (Cindy Morgan) in TRON.
  • Dr Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in Thor. The character has been adapted into an astrophysicist instead of the nurse she was in the original comic book material. This one is interesting because Portman is something of a hot scientist herself, having co-written the paper "A Simple Method to Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar" while in high school, and later studying psychology at Harvard.
    • Not to mention her research assistant Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), though to be fair she was an political science major.
  • Rowan LaFontaine from Jason X.
  • Michael Jennings in Paycheck meets a beautiful woman at a fancy dinner who turns out to be a biologist.
  • Julianne Moore in Evolution.
  • Bio-Dome: Dr. Petra von Kant, notably.
  • A Beautiful Mind: the genius John Nash is the handsome Russell Crowe.
    • Actually, the young (and brilliant) John Nash did look a bit like Russell Crowe.
  • Jane Dobson in Puma Man is theoretically an archaeologist. In practice, the phrase "Dumb Blonde" comes to mind.
  • The scientist played by Tara Reid in the Alone in the Dark movie (you know which one I'm talking about).
  • In I, Robot, Dr. Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan) starts off prim, proper and somewhat robotic herself: "My general fields are advanced robotics and psychiatry. Although, I specialize in hardware-to-wetware interfaces in an effort to advance U.S.R.'s robotic ahthropomorphization program." By movie's end, she dumps her glasses and lab gear and loosens her hair to become an Action Girl.
  • Dr Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) in The Bourne Legacy, a genetic scientist who develops and designs the drugs that give Outcome agents enhanced physical and mental capabilities.

03:29:53 PM Nov 10th 2012

    Live-Action TV 
  • Mulder on The X-Files ran into them on a regular basis (in an oblique way, Scully even fits the pattern), although they also parodied the idea neatly in "War of the Coprophages" when Mulder consulted with entomologist Dr. Bambi Berenbaum.
    • As Scully says: "Smart is sexy."
  • Charlotte on Lost fits the bill. She's a hot anthropologist. And she's a redhead!.
  • If doctors count then we have a few Scrubs examples such as Dr. Miller, a male example in the gynecologist Dr. Matthew, psychologist Dr. Molly Clock and Elliot Reid, one of the main characters.
  • Every (non-crazy) scientist to appear in Smallville - every single one.
    • Except the one played by Christopher Reeve. Although he still had a hot assistant.
      • Well, if not for his tragic physical problems, Chris Reeve would've likely been an older and male version of the trope.
  • Stargate SG-1 has a Hot Scientist as a main character, Samantha Carter. Unlike most Hot Scientists, she is arguably not a Hot Librarian, because she virtually never displays any sex appeal or even any interest in sex. The attractiveness part was intentional.
    • Parodied in the Wormhole X-treme! episode, "starring Yolanda Reese as the beautiful and intelligent Major Stacy Monroe". Carter expresses an emotion somewhere between bemused and bemused-er.
    • Doctor Weir's not so bad herself, either.
      • Nor was Doc Frasier.
      • Wouldn't Frasier be a Hospital Hottie? And I'm not sure whether Weir counts, given that her degree was in international relations. She's an academic, but not a scientist.
        • Considering the medical cases SGC encounters, Drs. Frasier, Beckett, Keller and Lam definitely count as researchers. As for Weir... nope, she isn't a scientist.
    • Rodney McKay's sister Jeannie Miller definitely counts, having a bolt of inspiration that apparently solves a significant practical problem with what she thinks is only a theoretical technology. She's playing with her kid, so she has to get it down in finger paint. Even with a copy of the proof, McKay and Carter working together can't figure it out fast enough for their liking.
    • For that matter, Daniel Jackson has a significant Fangirl following, as a good-looking, brilliant anthropologist who speaks twenty-seven languages (and those are just the ones from Earth). His being The Woobie probably doesn't hurt.
    • Drs. Heightmeyer and Simpson, while not stunningly beautiful, are both quite attractive.
    • Carson Beckett is a pretty good-looking too. Rodney McKay also has quite a following of fangirls, few of whom are averse to fawning over his thighs, shoulders, arms, ass and nipples.
    • What about Jennifer Keller? She might be only a medical officer but she's definitely hot (no wonder Rodney fell for her).
  • Male example: The Professor of Gilligan's Island, at least according to Ginger, Mrs. Howell, and Eva Gabor. Smart guys are hot (even if he couldn't figure out fixing the boat).
  • Male example: John Crichton from Farscape, especially after he starts wearing black and red leather in season 2 onward. Mmmm...spacepants!
    • Female examples from Farscape would be Jool and Sikozu, and also Sikozu (she's hot enough that she warrants a second mention). Jool is basically what happens when you look to see where a child prodigy ends up 20 years after making the news as "IQ of 200 kid," now outfitted with a college education. Sikozu has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Leviathan-related, although to be fair she may have been programmed that way. Both know how intelligent they are, and flaunt it to varying degrees (with Sikozu being more condescending and contemptuous, and Jool being more of a spoiled princess). As for "hot"...well, here.
  • Amita from NUMB3RS is more of a Hot Computer Scientist.
  • Doctor Who has used this trope multiple times.
    • The Doctor's companion Zoe Heriot (or maybe Herriot), a regular in the 1968-69 season, is an astrophysicist and mathematician. In behaviour she falls somewhere between a Teen Genius and an adult Hot Scientist.
  • Doctor Who has used this trope multiple times.
    • Nyssa of Traken.
    • Mel is a computer programmer.
    • Also also, Ace makes her own explosives and, arguably, created a timestorm with chemistry.
    • Male example: The Doctor himself, since at least the Jon Pertwee version of the early 1970s, has had his share of admirers for virtually every incarnation. (Yes, including Jon Pertwee who is directly said to be "so damn sexy" - perhaps in an Austin Powers sort of way? - by a female fashion designer interviewed in the 1990s documentary More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS.
    • River Song. She is a doctor.
  • Toshiko Sato of Torchwood isn't half-bad either...
  • The oceanographer played by Lake Bell in Surface.
  • Nikki Alexander from Silent Witness is definitely an example of this trope, being played by Emilia Fox.
  • Ms. Angela Fairweather from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.
    • If you like Cat Girls, Dr. Kat Manx from Power Rangers S.P.D. counts as well.
      • Although Kat is technically 147 years old, which fudges that a bit. Both actresses were only 27 at the time of airing, so Ms. Fairweather could certainly still count, considering the ridiculous range of theoretical physics it must require to design both Power Rangers and Humongous Mecha. At least Kat had the benefit of being alien, and thus used to advanced tech.
    • Dr. K from Power Rangers RPM? Maybe not "hot," per se, but...
      • The only reason that Dr. K doesn't fit this is because they invoked Hollywood Homely to convey that she was something of a frumpy, vacuum-packed adult child. Her actress in real life (Olivia Tennet) is a professional dancer and actually pretty cute.
        • In addition to making her (apparently) quite younger than the rest of the team.
    • One of few good things about the Kalish era: many scientists fell into this category. Not only Kat, but if there was a scientist Victim of the Week who needed protecting, or a scientist whose knowledge would be instrumental in beating the Monster of the Week, or both, as often as not it's going to be a woman who's very easy on the eyes.
  • Trillian (Tricia McMillan) in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "What with a degree in mathematics and another in astrophysics, it was that or the dole queue again on Monday."
Battlestar Galactica
  • The Final Five Cylons were scientists in their original lives, which means that Sam Anders, Galen Tyrol and Tory Foster were Hot Scientists. Arguably Ellen Tigh too.
  • Don't let's forget tactical officer Felix Gaeta, the resident science type on the Galactica command staff.
  • Michael Trucco (Sam Anders, mentioned above) also played one on The Big Bang Theory.
  • Katerina Bartikovsky in Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, she may be a hologram but is "Hard Light" and thus tangible. Shame she seems to be showing signs of being evil, or at least malicious.
  • The Popular Mechanics scientists from Food Detectives qualify, and so does Ted Allen himself, as well as a couple of the Food Techs. On the same network, some people have expresses Perverse Sexual Lust for Alton Brown, as well as W.
  • Depending on who you ask, the Mythbusters. Yes, all of them. Yes, even Jamie. No, not Buster.
  • Fred from TV's Angel is the quintessential hot scientist.
  • Get Smart's Dr. Steel has a secret lab backstage at the Follies and performs in the chorus. When Max disagrees with her diagnosis he leaves to find "another doctor. A real doctor. One with funny legs!"
  • Pretty much everyone on Eureka. Who are supposed to be the collective genius from all around planet Earth.
  • Ivy, Topher's assistant in Dollhouse.
    • And Bennett. Oh dear, ''Bennett''. Lampshaded: Topher thought she was too perfect and had to be a Doll. She wasn't.
    • Claire Saunders is a medical doctor, but at the Dollhouse freaky science comes with that field. Played with because of her numerous scars, and the revelation about how she got her scientific credentials.
  • Amanda Pays as Dr. Cristina McGee from the live action version of The Flash.
  • Helen Magnus of Sanctuary, who is not coincidentally played by the woman who played another Hot Scientist on this list, Samantha Carter.
    • Also, Nikola Tesla, as played by Jonathon Young.
  • Daniel Graystone from Caprica. Also a Hot Dad.
  • Lanie Parish, the medical examiner on Castle. She's even been known to turn up at crime scenes in formal wear.
  • Physicists Dr Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport) and Dr Simon Campos (Dominic Monghan) from Flash Forward.
  • Stephanie Powell and Katie Andrews from No Ordinary Family.
  • Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory, and to a lesser degree Amy, who looks nice when all made up and dressed prettily.
    • And of course Amy's actress, who is gorgeous in real life (they dress her down on the show) actually holds a doctorate in neuroscience. Very meta.
    • TBBT also has David Underhill, one of Leonard's colleagues who Penny also dated. Played by Michael Trucco, who also played a Hot Scientist in Battlestar Galactica.
  • Dr. Maura Isles of Rizzoli & Isles is a brilliant, though eccentric, medical examiner who works in nice clothes and is very particular about nice shoes.
  • Sharron Macready from The Champions.
  • Lampshaded by forensics expert Dr. Devon Maguire in Crossing Jordan.
    • Devon: I didn't spend six years on postgraduate work to sit here on my shapely ass!

  • In the music video for "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby, Miss Sakamoto (though she might just be a hot assistant).
    • Plus, the entire song is about an attractive scientist....
  • Quite a large number of women find Dr. Steel incredibly attractive.
  • Tinie Tempah's 'Wonderman' music video has Ellie Goulding in the role of a Hot Scientist.
03:29:27 PM Nov 10th 2012

    Video Games 
  • Lemon from Super Robot Wars is good example of this trope. Especially when you realize she has built the W-Series (including Fetish Fuel Station Attendant Lamia Loveless and her expy, Aschen Brodel.....and Echidna Iisaki and HER expy, Cardia Bassiria). The sexy part comes from the fact that she's an alternate universe clone of Excellen.
  • The majority of Resident Evil's Umbrella employees fit this trope. Albert Wesker, William Birkin (though he's more on the Adorkable side of things), Annette Birkin, James Marcus, Alexia Ashford and her twin brother Alfred, and Frederic Downing. Even the obscure Umbrella researchers were good looking: Morpheus D. Duvall, Alexander Ashford and Monica.
  • Shion Uzuki of Xenosaga is a rare video game example where the Hot Scientist is the lead character.
  • Safiya in Neverwinter Nights 2 is the closest thing you get to a scientist in Forgotten Realms, being a transmuter and golem-builder. And is hot.
  • Kayleigh Wintercrest from The Sims 2 for GBA.
  • Ciel of Mega Man Zero is pretty dang cute. She also made Copy-X while she was six years old, and she's still pretty young in the games. There's a genuine explanation for all this, it's just All There in the Manual.
    • Alia from the previous series arguably counts, especially by the end. The fact that she's a robot, albeit of the Ridiculously Human sort, may be a minus.
      • Ciel is an expy of Alia.
    • Tron Bonne certainly counts. She created 40 Servbots on her own, is smarter than her older brother (who is a bit... odd), built the Gesselchaft as well as most of the Bonne machines; and to top it all off, in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne she gets a scientist outfit!
  • Ema Skye in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, but she's more of a Hot Detective Who Really Likes Science And Wears a Lab Coat.
  • Lucy Stillman from Assassin's Creed. And she's voiced by Kristen Bell.
  • Could Dr. Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid 4 please button up her shirt and fix her hair? I'm really trying very hard to listen to the very important things she's explaining.
    • Many of the scientists in Metal Gear Solid are more than qualified for this trope - Naomi Hunter, Mei Ling, Para-Medic, Rosemary and Otacon are just as good looking as they are knowledgeable in fields of military tactics, advanced technology, genetics, and medical sciences.
    • Otacon's more of the cute type though. And male, let's not forget that.
  • Professor Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia, who serves the roles of teacher, archaeologist, and technological expert.
    • And Tales of the Abyss has the other side of it in Colonel Jade Curtiss, who was Dr. Balfour before he joined the military to continue his experiments for their benefit.
  • Aki from Ape Escape 3. The game's resident hot shounen aunt, who develops the gadgets that her nephew and niece use to capture monkeys.
  • The scientist lady in the cutscenes between levels of Rampage: World Tour.
  • No More Heroes has Dr. Naomi, whose figure makes some players wish they were chasing after her instead of Manipulative Bitch Sylvia.
  • Capcom's Rival Schools fighting game series had a combination school nurse/science teacher Kyoko Minazuki. Bonus points because she believes that Nerds Are Sexy.
  • Zexion from Kingdom Hearts was Ansem the Wise's youngest lab apprentice, so this might overlap with Teen Genius, depending on how old you think he is.
    • Depending on your tastes, Xemnas, Xigbar, Xehanort (and his Heartless), Vexen, and Lexaeus also count.
  • Half-Life 2's Alyx might qualify. Hot? Check. Hacker expert? Check. Wrench Wench? Check. Hell, she even knows how to operate a teleporter she never even saw before (while under fire, protected only by three turrets and her Love Interest).
    • Hell, Gordon Freeman himself. The guy's a theoretical physicist with a Ph.D. from MIT, and is made especially good-looking by his facial hair and seriously beautiful glasses. For real.
  • In BioShock, Brigid Tenenbaum was young, a Teen Genius and looks fairly attractive in her audio diary picture. However, when you see her face to face in BioShock 2, the years have not been kind at all, mainly due to stress and ill health.
  • Dr. Betty Veronica (!), the scientist from Rampage World Tour! She's a Brainy Brunette who wears Nerd Glasses, has her hair up in a bun somewhat, wears a labcoat with a very short skirt, and has some nice legs!
  • Professor Anders from Halo Wars. Sure, the game left much to be desired, but she was pure Fetish Fuel.
  • Professor Juniper, of Pokémon Black and White. Lab coat and Green Eyes? Yes, please.
    • Not to mention her lovely former roommate and cute assistant, Fennel. Fennel being a Meganekko is a huge bonus as well.
    • Also the female Scientist sprites as well.
    • As of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Bianca has become this after taking up being Juniper's aide, gaining a pair of Sexy Spectacles and being the one that gives you your starter Pokémon.
  • While every Team Fortress 2 class has somewhat of a fangirl following, The Medic is most definitely the biggest Mr. Fanservice.
  • Maya Shidow from Phantasy Star Universe.
  • Professors Kate and Wright from Spectrobes likely qualify.
  • Youtia in Eien no Aselia in an unkempt sort of way, though you generally can't tell because the art for her normal sprite is sort of deformed looking.
  • Merveille from Solatorobo.
  • Helena Rosenthal from Crysis

    Web Comics 
  • Parodied in the 'Kitten' Story Arc of Sluggy Freelance, where the Hot Scientist character Dr. Haute-Sheik was constantly annoyed by people pronouncing her last name as 'Hot-Chick'.
  • Curvaceous Helen Narbon from Narbonic.
    • As well as Dr. Virginia Lee from Skin Horse, by the same artist.
  • Agatha Clay née Heterodyne of Girl Genius is plenty hot. Gilgamesh Wulfenbach of the same comic probably counts as a male version.
    • For that matter, most of the truly powerful mad scientists in Girl Genius are fine physical specimens... Tarvek, Lucrezia, Klaus Wulfenbach (kinda old, sure, but you can't tell me he's not fit).
      • Klaus has been shown to be capable not only of ruling all of Europe, but also satisfying Lucrezia's... appetites and dismantling a Humongous Mecha with his bare hands (sadly, not all at once). "Fit" indeed.
      • Even minor sparks bring the heat, like Theopolous DuMedd and Sleipnir O'Hara (and her hot pipes). Okay, Sleipnir's not a Spark, but she still counts.
  • Dr. Jean Poule in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! is perhaps more of a Girl Next Door than a "hot" scientist, but she's still pretty darned cute.
  • Alexa from Shape Quest is a scientist for the Empire's military.
  • Raven from Questionable Content went to college to study physics (ironically, she's been portrayed as a complete ditz so far). She dresses up in a labcoat for lectures because it "feels sciency".
  • Amanda from El Goonish Shive was definitely written with this trope in mind. Of course, she is the assistant of Horny Scientist Dr. Germahn, so she was probably hired with this trope in mind as well.
  • Monica Villareal from Wapsi Square.
  • Franken from Noblesse, who also is a Mad Scientist.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Hello Nurse from Animaniacs who in one has 157 IQ and another 192!
  • Eek! The Cat parodied it in its Sci-Fi parody, with Elmo having to choose between the plan of an Einstein-looking super-genius, or the plan of the Bambi twins, who had gotten a B+ in physics.
  • The Futurama movie had a sexy young doctor named Dr. Kayhill, (although Fry just called her Dr. Good and Sexy) who - despite her insistence that her attractive nature didn't make her a bimbo - was in fact a bimbo.
  • Gadget Hackwrench from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers must be mentioned here. Not only is she smart enough to build a fully functional manned spacecraft out of, again, junkyard stuff, she's also attractive enough to have an unusual number of fanboys after her...
  • Crystal Kane from Centurions: scientist, redhead, smart. Also fully qualified to act as a Centurion in time of dire need.
  • Dr. Holiday in Generator Rex also fits the bill.
  • Spicy Latina Dr. Cecilia, from Cro.
  • Katie Dodd a fox scientist who appeared in a two part Talespin episode "For Whom the Bell Klangs"; she was on a mission to find a lost city and collect some bells for the museum.
  • Johnny Test's sisters Mary and Susan. Twins, redheads, glasses, labcoats...
  • Doctor Blight in Captain Planet and the Planeteers. At least until the one ep where her hair is blown up and you can see the scarred half of her face...
  • Eli Shane from Slugterra. If more people watched this show, you'd know what we'd mean.
  • Gretchen in Recess
  • Sliced Ice, member of the titular Skysurfer Strike Force.
  • From the Scooby-Doo Direct-to-Video film Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur, we bring you Professor Svankmajer!
11:15:06 PM Dec 23rd 2011
Why is this trope purely female? Or is the main requirement that the character be...well, a scientist who is hot?*
05:20:26 AM Dec 24th 2011
if you can think of a male scientist who has great legs for a mini-skirt, and a pop-out set of boobs, then by all means add him.
10:15:09 AM Jun 13th 2016
I have to disagree. Any male scientist who wears a shirt obviously intended to show off some muscles under a lab coat - or without one - fits in this trope. May be Rare Male Example, but they exist.
10:25:38 PM Sep 25th 2010
Does the song Short Skirt Long Jacket apply to this trope?
10:39:26 AM Apr 22nd 2010
Are we lumping engineers and academicians in with scientists now? There are a lot of non-scientist examples here.
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