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08:35:42 PM Jul 1st 2016
A lot of the examples are missing the point.

This trope is when there's a hot guy and the female character falls for him, and then it turns out - in a "twist" - that he was only trying to manipulate and take advantage of her, showing that she's wrong for following her desires and should just go with the "nice guy" even if she's not attracted to him. This usually comes from either a writer who's jealous of the hot guy and sees himself as the "nice guy", or a writer who hasn't gotten over a bad breakup with someone she sees as this trope, in hindsight. So either way, not a good place. So things like Black Butler? Not really an example here.

(If the trope is meant to be more broad than that, then there should be a trope for specifically that, because there's way more than enough of it.)
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