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09:40:56 AM Mar 7th 2013
edited by MarkKB
Out of curiosity, does anyone know why we don't have a general Tone Deaf article (if it's not simply that no-one thought to write it)? It's a character trait that appears even in literature and comic books, and not having one seems incentive to abuse either this (which is a meta-trope about singer-actors pretending they can't sing) or Dreadful Musician (which is about in-universe musicians so bad they cause animals to scatter and babies to cry.)
06:24:02 PM Feb 13th 2012
I'm going to start doing a bit of clean-up, since lots of people seem to think that this trope is about all cases of bad singing.
10:04:51 AM Feb 19th 2011
This leaves out one of the most common reasons for this trope—if you just sing a little bit badly, a lot of people can't tell. It has to be obvious to the most tone deaf person that the singing is bad.

I'm not sure where to put that in the description, though.
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