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03:21:56 PM Jan 19th 2016
edited by bombadilla
Would it be acceptable to add a very general Real Life example to this trope, backed up by personal observation? It'd be something like this:

"This trope is actually quite often Truth in Television. It's easier when watching a TV show or a film to recognize that the 'homely' girl is actually quite pretty underneath the glasses and the braces because we're all familiar with this trope. Yet in reality most people tend to perceive an unconventional/unflattering sense of style in someone as a perpetual characteristic of that person. You might have that one high school teacher whom you can't for the life of you imagine without their one-size-too-big suits or their 80s haircut, or you might have experienced dressing up for a special occasion and receiving praise from someone who seems genuinely -if somewhat insultingly- surprised. More often than not it takes a professional stylist to be able to imagine what a person might look like with a style very different from their present one. Most people just don't bother, so unflattering clothing and hair styles may very well cause people to be perceived as less than attractive, regardless of their actual physical features."
09:02:26 PM Oct 20th 2014
Does this trope only apply to a persons physical appearance?

For example, I have seen a Spongebob episode where Patrich writes a song that is actually kind of catchy and yet everyone in the work acts like their ears were being raped (the band that played it actually died doing so). Another example is in How I Met Your Mother, when Lilly makes paintings which are actually alright yet everyone acts like those paintings are horrible (to the point where she could not even sell them at a hobo garage sell [and where birds kill themselves upon seeing them]).

If Hollywood Homely only applies to people, than what is the trope for inanimate objects which are treated this way?
01:57:53 AM Oct 21st 2014
Far as I know, this trope is solely for people and actors. I dunno what the trope for your case is, might want to ask in the Trope Finder.
12:01:54 AM Jan 30th 2014
Many of these examples don't fit the trope. Elizabeth Bennett and Scarlet O'Hara, although not presented as extremely or conventionally beautiful are not meant to be seen as homely either.
04:25:34 AM Oct 11th 2013
The Psycho example is odd. Where is it actually said that Carolyn is considered plain? All she says to Marion is "he [Mr Cassidy] was flirting with you. He must have noticed my wedding ring". It veers more towards Informed Attractiveness on Marion's part if you ask me.
12:00:39 AM Jan 30th 2014
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04:26:43 PM Feb 7th 2013
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This trope seems to largely come down to someone being Bullied or Unpopular in school, when they look attractive to the Audience.

In Real Life I know people who where bullied in school but where very attractive, and from studying real life cases know of many others, and no I don't just mean my own personal preference, I mean people who could be Supermodels if they wanted to. One example I actually consider a Stacey Farber look a like.

To me it's a Hollywood invention that there must be a correlation between attractiveness and popularity in school. But there are any number of reasons someone could be bullied, in the case of the Farber look alike for her religion. Believe or not even today being non Christian can make you a social outcast, but also the other hand so can being a Christian if your more open then the average Christian about it.

Yes, the bullied person is more often then not accused of being ugly "WWE spoofed this when they had LayCool mock Mickie James claiming that the extremely fit Diva was fat and calling her Piggy James." this DOES happen in real life, which is why I feel it's outright offensive that either the WWE or the Troper who added this thinks it's a Joke, lots of very attractive women have committed suicide because of receiving this exact treatment.
02:23:16 PM Nov 7th 2013
It was a spoof because that was LayCool and their whole raison d'etre. They called Beth Phoenix a man and said Kelly Kelly was "smelly Kelly". It was used to show LayCool as a pair of idiots and the announcers kept reinforcing that Mickie looked fine.
05:37:22 PM Jul 26th 2014
I was thinking the same thing. I've seen many examples said to be Hollywood Homely because a good looking character was unpopular. However, often they had an annoying, unpleasant and/or dorky personality that turned people off.
11:34:51 AM Jun 1st 2012
"She'll also be much thinner, since women of average build are considered to be lumbering oxen by most Hollywood producers even if they're as fit as an Olympian."

There just seemed to be a little dig in that statement. Yes, it's true that in media you wonder why a woman is considered "fat", but I would argue that anyone falling under this trope would usually overlap with Hollywood Pudgy, since that trope often plays on a women not having a perfect supermodel figure, and common standards of beauty tend to favor more petite builds. The page image would be Hollywood Pudgy too, since Ugly Betty's protagonist wore a fat suit for her role. But in any case, I think that sentence should be changed, because it almost comes off as bitter toward skinny people.
10:50:11 PM May 4th 2012
Ringo Starr may be an example, but I don't know whether that counts. Some people may consider him to be ugly. However he looks very adorable, beautiful and attractive in my opinion. I am like Marge from the Simpsons episode "Brush with Greatness". Ringo doesn't get the same treatment as a Hollywood Homely. He usually dresses up nicely. He does have a big nose, which is more of a natural thing. He usually isn't scorned by appearence. The trope title implies that examples tend to be movie actors. Ringo has done some acting, but he is most famous as the drummer for the band, the Beatles. He does get a Hollywood Homely moment in the first Beatles movie, "A Hard Day's Night". The little old man said, "He [Ringo] can't help having a hideous great hooter [nose], and the poor little head trembling under the weight." Who knows. Maybe Ringo could be a real life example of Ugly Cute.
08:52:03 AM Feb 23rd 2012
Cut this example:
* If Katy Perry puts on glasses and one of those stupid wire braces retainer things nobody actually uses anymore as she does in the video of "Last Friday Night" that doesn't stop her from still looking like Katy frikkin' Perry!
Because it doesn't really fit. The video depicts her as an awkward teenager, yes, but does not suggest that she is unattractive. Just awkward, and being very good-looking doesn't stop you from feeling awkward as a teenager. It's just part of growing up. And the wire retainer, like so much of the video, was a deliberate homage to The '80s.
03:32:32 AM Sep 27th 2011
I've noticed and heard from many others that many Hollywood Homely women actually look a lot like some local homecoming queens and/or local beauty pageant winners (and I don't mean stereotypically ugly places, either). Could that be worked into the article or is it just natter?
08:53:53 AM Feb 23rd 2012
Well, that's the point of the trope: entertainment in various media often casts very good-looking people in roles that are supposed to be ugly or unattractive. Without a specific example, I don't think you'd be adding much to the article as it is now, so I would say yes, it would be natter.
09:04:53 AM Sep 21st 2011
edited by riddlerj
12:03:40 PM Mar 2nd 2011
I removed the following:

  • The Pussycat Dolls. If you think about it, the song Don't Cha is essentially pointing this trope to the listener. "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?/Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me?/Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?/Don't you?/Don't you?".

because I don't see what this has to do with anything. It is saying that the singer is hotter and sexier than the girl that "you" are with. There's no lines or anything that indicate that "your girlfriend" is actually attractive.
11:53:29 AM Jan 16th 2011
Big Bang Theory, Bernadette hotter than Penny? I most people i know preffer Penny(Kaley Cuoco) over Bernadette(Melissa Rauch). Don't get me wronge, if not make up as Bernadette, Melissa is beautiful. Just not as beautiful as Kaley Cuoco.
01:54:37 PM Mar 12th 2011
Yes, that's your opinion. The point here isn't so much about her being more attractive; it's about her supposedly being "plain" when in reality she's actually very cute.
04:52:40 PM Nov 12th 2010
Should there be anime examples here? I was under the impression that they were supposed to go under Generic Cuteness.
05:10:19 AM Nov 13th 2010
In Generic Cuteness, there is only Gonk to counter it. If an anime has a more nuanced art style that allows multiple varieties of beauty, Hollywood Homely can apply.
08:43:34 AM Sep 12th 2010
Marilyn Munster, anyone?
10:41:08 AM Sep 12th 2010
I don't think she really fits this trope. Anyone outside her own family thinks she's anywhere from nice-looking on up the scale. Only her oddball family think of her as less than attractive (but love her anyway).
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