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06:32:34 PM Aug 11th 2012
nasty and plausible case in the (live action) movie Cube Zero possibly hydrofluoric acid - or some acid combined with (deeply penetrating) DMSO [likely has its own entry here] the scene's thirst-parched maze-victim is shown thinking he'd been sprayed with mere water (by a "defective" trap) but then proceeds to dissolve in a gradually accellerated way, as the realization becomes a self-flaying body-horror deathscene of highest octane nightmare fuel, indeed!

10:27:40 AM Jun 17th 2012
The uric acid med commercial seems to follow a convention seen in diaper and feminine protection ads: There are appropriate colors to indicate bodily fluids. Blue seems to be the most common and "safe" choice for depicting bodily fluids, while the obvious choices are either nauseating or shocking. Green is a "chemical" sort of color, so I'd guess why that was chosen.

The logo for that drug, on the other hand, depicts a triangle of yellow spots turning to white spots, so it conveys the intent of the drug slightly more faithfully.
02:56:44 PM Jan 19th 2011
I'm admittedly a nerd, but here's some fun facts about acid: The pH scale spans from about 0 to 14. Most laymen assume that "0" would be "safe" and "14" would be "dangerous." Actually, regular water falls smack in the middle with a pH of about 7. Among the strongest acids are 'hydrochloric acid,' which is actually stomach acid. It's corrosive nature is the reason acid reflux causes damage to the asauphagus. Also, a lot of common liquids like lemon juice and vinegar are actually acidic. That's why citrus wears at tooth enamel.
11:02:27 PM Sep 2nd 2010
6.999... = 7. I think we should change that part.