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10:40:22 PM Apr 18th 2011
Neither of these quotes evoke the trope, certainly not at the level required for either one to be the page quote. Possibly knowledge of these works is required for the quotes to make sense and that's not OK for a general readership.

Thane: Prayers for the wicked should never be forsaken.
Shepard: Do you really think she deserves it?
Thane: Not for her. For me.

All good things have been built upon the fallen. If we are to be killers, let us be architects as well.
Antivan Crow saying, Dragon Age

04:28:55 AM Feb 24th 2012
edited by Cykuta
I am VERY against listing "Hooker with a heart of gold" as a Distaff Counterpart. They have some things in common - namely they have feelings and operate in "shady" areas of society, but to say than a female analogue of a male hitman is a whore is a gross inadequacy, and more than a little insulting. Plus, hitmen can be hitwomen, too.

If the hooker trope is to be invoked at all, it should be "comapre HWAHOG, who is also a shady character native to the criminal world, yet can be good and kind, albeit Always Female" or something like that.

EDIT : Mistakenly saved this as a reply to the quotes, sorry.
02:47:56 AM Apr 9th 2011
Does The Punisher really count for this trope? He is listed in the film section. But he isnt a hitman or an assassin.
04:55:25 PM Jan 29th 2011
Fixed up the grammar-it was in desperate need of some help.
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