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10:30:50 PM Sep 28th 2014

Would it be helpful to add (perhaps vague) dates for these eras? The Battleship bit seems a bit overlong and despite understanding it well I lose track of it as it moves from pre WWI to WWI to interwar to WWII as no dates are really mentioned.

I'm also worried about how the page isn't really separated into eras but into types of naval ships, which is already another article. While galley -> sail -> battleship -> carrier goes well, and that reasonably splits into guided missile ships, the submarine is pretty much concurrent with the battleship and every subsequent era, and it's a bit hard to place it.
09:40:24 PM Jan 27th 2015
So when I wrote the original article I separated them that way based on what was the *dominant* platform/tactic for that time period. Unfortunately as time went on the profusion of systems grew, and since there hasn't been a major naval war between 1st rate powers since 1945, there's no real consensus on just what is the dominant platform. Russia clearly was banking on submarines and missiles, and the US clearly was counting on its carrier fleet and submarines. Then the cold war ended. So: what's the dominant platform today? Ask a naval theorist or officer, and get a different answer every time. Maybe we could elaborate on that in the article.

I think dates would help, and I seem to remember having them in there when I first wrote it. I can start adding some. The battleship article is indeed too long. All the sections were roughly the same length when I wrote them, but people are obsessed with battleships and carriers and so those kept getting longer. I occasionally try to break up the walls of text but they just reappear a few months later.

-The Anti Ted, local Entry Pimp
09:49:25 AM Sep 10th 2012
edited by CarrieTheTroper
Hmm. The Crowning Moment of Awesome entry for WWII seems to have vanished, the Samar listing mentions it still. :p

Too bad, the battle was a highlight for great tactics, suicidal craziness, and big damned heroes, and a lowlight for Japan, their main fleet was pushed back by a little group of destroyers, destroyer escorts, and escort carriers. Japan had multiple battleships, INCLUDING YAMATO, and several cruisers.

And they got pushed back by dinky little ships. ^_^
03:22:04 PM Aug 31st 2012
can i request a segment about Ironclads? i add but i don't know nearly enough about them.
01:08:42 PM May 11th 2012
NINE battleship vs battleship engagements in WW2? I only count 5:

Two came during the pursuit of the Bismarck, then you have 2nd Guadalcanal, North Cape, and Surigao Strait. What are the other 4?

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