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02:57:20 PM May 22nd 2016
I'm curious if anyone knows, as a general rule of thumb, how long ago a person should've lived before one should consider them historical domain? I know there isn't a real rule, but it'd be useful to have a concrete cutoff date.
10:41:48 PM Aug 14th 2016
edited by whunt
When they've been dead long enough to not have their estate sue.

For example, Prince may not be a historical domain character yet, but JRR Tolkien might be. I don't know if it would be thirty years as a rule, but I think the rules are similar to Too Soon; it is at the writer's discretion but also depends on when people stop thinking of them as a person but as more of a "figure", which can take a long time depending on their importance.
07:17:57 PM Jan 3rd 2017
edited by BrokenEye
If a person has a Wikipedia article which is neither a stub nor locked, is that a good indicator that they qualify as Historical Domain?

A Wikipeida article that isn't a stub indicates notoriety. An article that's locked to editing would indicate controversiality, and that there might be a risk of coming off as being in bad tastes. An unlocked article would therefore indicate that they're probably not quite that controversial.
05:31:17 AM Jan 13th 2011
07:43:04 AM Jan 13th 2011
edited by DragonQuestZ
If they have made some works, they are creators. Most here are not, so they should be useful notes.
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