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04:59:52 PM Nov 19th 2012
edited by AkidaUmichi
Shouldn't Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt count? She is an Elegant Gothic Lolita and her hair is cut straight across. The only thing being is that her hair is longer than the 'standard' Hime Cut.
06:13:56 PM Nov 19th 2012
edited by shimaspawn
She doesn't have the right style at all. Her hair is only two tiered, not three. You need to actually have a Hime Cut to have a Hime Cut. Not just long hair and bangs.
02:17:55 PM Nov 21st 2012
Two Tiered? What is it that she is missing? Is there a certain length that a hime cut cannot pass? (Such as the hair has to be back length and no longer, etc.)
08:21:56 PM Nov 21st 2012
edited by shimaspawn
She's missing a third hair length with side locks that are shorter than the main length of the hair. She just has long hair and bangs. She is lacking the characteristic side locks that make a Hime Cut. It has nothing to do with overall length. You can have an ankle length Hime Cut, but as Stocking does not have the proper hair style, it's length is irrelevant.
09:58:50 AM Nov 22nd 2012
Ah. Thanks for explaining.
11:10:57 AM Feb 18th 2013
How about Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? The MLP Wiki entry for TS has her hair (mane) in a 'hime cut' and links to TV Tropes entry for 'hime cut'. If you count her behind the head mane as the 'intermediate' length, and her tail as the 'rest' of her hair, it could fit the mold. She is a Princess now, but her Element of Harmony is a tiara*, for Celestia's sake, so she was royalty-in-training from the very start.
  • =Big Crown Thingee
11:49:09 AM Feb 18th 2013
No. Her mane and tail are two different things, not one. A hime cut is the hair on the head.
07:31:05 PM Jul 23rd 2013
What about how she appears as a human in "Equestria Girls"? Her hairstyle in that form very closely resembles a Hime Cut.
01:06:23 AM Aug 26th 2013
Yeah. Her equestria girls do is 3 lengths. Bangs, locks, straight hair. It fits. It should go in.
02:34:33 AM Sep 1st 2013
Yup, a complete Hime Cut there.
04:38:09 PM Sep 2nd 2013
Yeah, despite what the note says I agree it's an example of the cut itself. However, does she really have "at least one of the lifestyle or personality characteristics"? I guess you could make a case for royalty, but that's rather tenuous given how a) her pony self has the same mane/tail as she did at the start of the show (not to mention as a pre-faithful student filly) before princesshood and royalty-through-brother's-marriage and b) she's nothing more than a student in the Eq G reality.
01:49:18 PM Sep 16th 2013
Idunno. I don't watch EQG and don't know if she exhibits lady-like behaviour or not.
01:36:36 AM May 13th 2012
These two are Zero Context Examples. Need to be elaborated.

10:15:21 PM Mar 20th 2012
Someone added Togome from Katanagatari. She has a perfect Hime Cut except that there are Princess Curls on the bottom of the sidetails.

Question: is that sufficient to make this one Not an Example?
06:00:52 PM Mar 13th 2012
edited by TBeholder

11th Mar '12 9:30:14 AM lu127 Send lu127 a PM notification explaining the badness of natter: natter-fy Example cleanup. Changed line(s) 127,129 (click to see context) from:
  • Parley in Gunnerkrigg Court is a Western example, though her hair is auburn. In "official" situations she wears a ribbon leaving shoulder-level side locks free, but when she doesn't, three different lengths are clearly visible.

  • In Drowtales, Vidhi'yani, one of the Empress' overseers. The overseers are apparently all Ladies of War and represent tradition.

  • Another western example is little Akiko Kitsune in El Goonish Shive, presumably at the behest of her traditional Japanese mother. Nanase may have cut very close to this at least sometimes, but she wears her hair with bangs split to sides and covered with sidelocks instead of hanging straight (see the next page).
  • In Drowtales, Vidhi'yani, one of the Empress's overseers. The overseers are apparently all Ladies of War and represent tradition.
  • Another western example is little Akiko Kitsune in El Goonish Shive, presumably at the behest of her traditional Japanese mother.

And why any of them doesn't fit?
06:21:33 PM Mar 13th 2012
edited by shimaspawn
Parley has the wrong personality.

Nanase has the wrong hair cut.

You need both to count as this trope.
06:53:07 AM Mar 14th 2012
To elaborate:

Parley's character sheet did not suggest any of the usual personality traits. She's listed as a Tsundere and a Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy. As such, without Yamato Nadeshiko, Ojou, or other traits, she doesn't fit.

Nanase's hair looks nothing like this cut. Her bangs are not cut straight, and there are no properly cut sidetails to speak off.

As Shima said, both personality and haircut are necessary.
03:48:58 PM Dec 13th 2010
I removed the Jessica Lovejoy example (which I added): her hairstyle is similar, but doesn't have the shorter bangs on the sides.
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