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11:46:32 AM Apr 7th 2012
The "Fan Fiction" folder needs to be removed. This is already a fanfic trope.
08:41:02 PM Aug 18th 2012
Actually, I'd rather that all fanfic examples BE in the fanfic folder. There are enough TV/film examples that it's annoying to have to filter out examples from some random fanfic someone found from series based on this trope like Smallville, Merlin, and Clone High.
07:14:52 AM Apr 28th 2014
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Personally, I'd rather have a "Published Works" folder. Also, if a work is a Prequel to the original continuity, then it doesn't count. Sequels do count due to the Series Fauxnale reaction.
08:40:26 AM Sep 26th 2011
Can you imagine a Star Trek High School AU?
02:51:04 PM Oct 17th 2011
It proberly already excists out there somewhere
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