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03:41:47 PM Sep 16th 2015
Breakfast at Tiffany's. Holly Golightly made a living "dating" men, who would give her large (for the time) sums of money to "go to the powder room".

How come this movie isn't an example of one of the HCCG's?
09:25:12 PM Sep 16th 2015
From the sound of it, she sounds more like a golddigger but I can't be sure.
09:30:00 AM Sep 17th 2015
I got the distinct impression that it was purely a financial arrangement — she had no desire for a relationship with her 'gentlemen friends'. A lot was implied but not actually said, much like how Eve Marie Saint used a ton of innuendo in North by Northwest to imply that she was an ethical slut.

Always thought that a golddigger had to have at least have half of an emotional relationship — the guy had to believe he had a relationship. No normal man gives his girlfriend $50 ($500 in today's money) for money to use in the lady's bathroom.

Oh well. Just curious.
11:38:44 AM May 2nd 2011
Guys, help me out please. That Mitchell and Webb Look had two sketches I really loved about two screenwriters who try to write films despite not doing the research, one of them ending up Gretzky Has the Ball and the other a ridiculously glamorized version of this. Does anybody remember what episode it was in?
03:39:18 PM Oct 27th 2014
No, but the sketch was called "My Shags As A Whore".
10:22:13 PM Dec 11th 2010
Removed from the CSI example:

  • Catherine was a stripper before she was inspired to become a CSI (my memory is fuzzy if she continued to do so to put herself through school)

Because Catherine was neither a call girl nor particularly high class.
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