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11:54:02 AM Apr 2nd 2013
Okay, again, look. There is no page image, but a fricking, single image in image links. Again, why is it not the page image?
01:44:56 PM Sep 10th 2013
That image, among other things, is Just A Face And A Caption. Notwithstanding the inherent difficulty of visualizing this trope, viewing the image only exacerbates one's confusion. Thus until we have a more appropriate visual this page is best kept as is.
12:19:50 PM Sep 23rd 2012
"Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" hasn't been mentioned, where the Homonculi show what happens when they use up too much of their lifeforce (the Philosopher's Stone). They die dramatically.

Or does this occurrence not fit the trope?
04:55:12 PM Jun 3rd 2011
Why is Heroic Red Ring of Death abbreviated whereas Heroic Blue Screen of Death isn't? They're physical and emotional counterparts of one another and should follow at least a similar title pattern.
12:33:17 PM Nov 2nd 2011
Not to mention I had to come here to find out what RROD stands for. And where does Red Ring of Death come from anyway?
12:17:22 PM Jan 31st 2012
Agreed. I find the name of the page unnecessary. And all the video game systems have been known to 'shutdown', it isn't exclusive to the 360. The abbreviation for this page doesn't match with the situations.
03:04:19 AM Aug 10th 2010
If you're Xbox 360 gets the RROD right after beating an incredibly awesome game and watching an incredibly awesome ending that definitely leaves an impact on you (Mass Effect 2, and perhaps the up-coming Mass Effect 3, come to mind), does that count as a Heroic RROD (if only because it allowed you to play the game?)
07:25:21 AM May 25th 2010
Right, am I the only one who thinks the image for this page is far too vague, and reeks of someone posting an image because they think it's cool rather than any relevance to the trope? It's just a generic image of glowing energy - the only way it links to the trope if it's actively explained in the caption, which contradicts the point of having an image in the first place!

I don't see it as anything other than a variation on the Face and Caption crap to be honest, and don't think it should be there. Images should be precise and self-explanatory.
01:45:04 PM May 25th 2010
1. Just A Face And A Caption does NOT mean not illustrating the trope enough for you. There are reasons I can accept against the picture, but not that. It's not what that term means.

2. We have "Image Picking" on the forums. Take this up there.
11:19:56 PM May 25th 2010
Hence why I said variation of the Face and Caption stuff. To me it's similar lines - back of the head and caption, sod all else. Closest equivelant I could think of.
11:39:26 PM May 25th 2010
It's still not just the back of the head. You see the glowing stuff on her back, indicating some kind of overload.

But still, take it to the forums, and we can have other tropers try to find a better picture, perhaps another screencap from that film.
01:49:49 PM May 5th 2010
would the evil equivalent of this trope be Villainous Breakdown?
10:23:24 PM May 5th 2010
No, that is more a breakdown of sanity.
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