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09:58:34 AM Apr 14th 2017
Question, who made the art on this page? It isn't credited to anyone, as far as I can see - perhaps that should be fixed
04:00:15 PM Apr 14th 2017
The source is on ImageSource.Internet
06:53:45 PM Oct 25th 2015
Was Clockwork Smurf (a mechanical golum/robot created by Handy Smurf appearing in one Smurfs episode with sporadic follow-up cameos) ever eligible for this particular non-game trope?
06:51:49 PM Oct 25th 2015
Was GI Joe's Snake Eyes ever eligible for this particular non-game trope?
05:54:32 AM Jan 26th 2013
Should the protagonist from Kingdoms of Amalur really be an example?He/she does actually have dialogue in the context of the story, there just isn't any voice acting to accompany it.
05:54:42 AM Jun 27th 2012
I think a bit of a culling for the examples is in order. Not because there's too many, but because there seems to be some confusion and people have started adding games where the protagonist does in fact speak, but doesn't have 'fully voiced dialogue'. And this Trope is about protagonists who do not speak, not about whether the developer opted to hire a voice-actor to read those lines out.
06:00:30 AM May 6th 2012
Should we add a folder for parodies and the like? VG webcomics always poke fun at this trope after all and several games are pretty self aware too.
08:48:55 AM Jun 26th 2011
Cracked recently had an image list of "Before they were famous" video game characters, and the one for Gordon Freeman kinda sorta hit this trope on the nose. Would this possibly be a more direct image for this article?
09:06:28 PM Jun 2nd 2010
Ever other web page calls it by the Silent Protagonist, and it's more easily to recognize. Heroic Mine sounds like the good version of The Joker.
08:38:28 AM Jun 4th 2010
edited by
As a side-note, I have this exact same issue with Quick Time Events vs. Press X to Not Die  *.
07:42:54 PM Oct 8th 2010
I propose to rename it to Heroic Mute.
02:11:59 PM Apr 22nd 2012
I think Mute Protagonist would be better. Not everyone who could fit the trope is a hero, after all.
07:18:24 AM Apr 23rd 2013
What? It's the SILENT PROTAGONIST. Everybody knows this. If I go up to someone who doesn't read TV Tropes and I say: "What's a Silent Protagonist?" so long as they speak English well, they will understand. It's a protagonist who doesn't make a sound.

Thats why I'm fond of the term "mute protagonist". I prefer the original, but that's because (like many people) I don't like change. But I can accept the logic of Mute Protagonist.

But a Heroic Mime? Mimes communicate through motion and gestures. they do communicate. A silent protagonist does not. A heroic mime sounds like a street performer that fights crime. Who the hell changed it to "Heroic Mime"? Change it back, or change it to Mute Protagonist (since, despite my own preferences, it is more applicable to the trope).
07:42:50 PM Jun 19th 2013
I propose to rename it Mute Playable Character. Makes more sense than Heroic Mime (what does it mean? A Mr. Mime with superpowers?)
11:08:25 AM Sep 15th 2014
I agree with Clu Legacy, also, Caim from Drakengard is FAR from heroic. (He's mute for storyline reasons, but still applies)
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