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05:49:53 AM Jan 31st 2013
This seems like an interesting example as the fishing itself is the source of the drama.
09:25:35 PM Nov 7th 2012
Under Film:
  • The Avengers: "You ever try shawarma?" The post-credits scene of the Avengers silently enjoying a shawarma after the battle may be the least eventful use of this trope in the history of fiction.

I'm posting it here because I'd like a second opinion on whether this is appropriate, and also maybe someone can find a better way of saying it.
12:03:01 AM Jul 11th 2012
What is the page image from? I don't remember that ever happening in Evangelion, and it isn't listed as an example, just as the page image.
12:48:31 AM Jul 11th 2012
It doesn't matter. It can be some omake or fanart, anything. It's EVA-00 fishing, the image is tagged as NGE.
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