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06:54:09 PM Sep 20th 2013

Does this count as an example of an aversion? It needs to be filled out if it is.
08:18:26 AM Nov 30th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
I've moved the "Nigga Stole My Bike" thing to the New Media section. That was a terribly racist meme, and while the page should mention it, it really shouldn't be highlighted in the description.
11:08:53 PM Sep 24th 2010
  • Later Pikachu totals May's bike, then Dawn's... neither really minded it though.
    • Then it happens again with Barry's bike, though this time a Gible that Ash would catch by the end of the episode ate every bit of it except for the tire rubber.

My memory of the Pokemon anime isn't exactly fresh; did Ash steal all three bikes or did they just end up getting trashed, like Misty's? It's not clear from the phrasing.
01:00:54 PM Apr 18th 2010
Removed the Grand Theft Auto and The Bicycle Thief examples. The former as I understand it follows a Villain Protagonist (or at least a criminal) and the latter consisted of nothing but a pothole to Exactly What It Says on the Tin which leads me to think *ahem* that it's about a bicycle thief not this trope.

* In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the first thing the main character does is steal a bike so he can escape hostile gang territory. No chance of returning it later if you run it over in your own garage. Crunch.
* Subverted in every Grand Theft Auto game, particularly in Vice City when Tommy apologizes to someone he car jacks, then steals the car.
** Of course, the bringing the car/bike/motorcycle back, as per the trope, never happens.
02:24:37 PM Apr 18th 2010
Another 'not a goodguy' example:

** Double subverted on NCIS Los Angeles: a suspect grabs the bike from a nearby cyclist, but throws it in the path of two pursuing agents rather than climbing aboard. While his pursuers are dodging the fallen bike, the suspect steals a motorcycle in accordance with this trope.
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