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11:16:19 AM May 10th 2011
It's worth noting that the booklet that comes with the toys has what is clearly a map of Mata Nui, albiet covered in cityscape.
02:04:49 PM Aug 22nd 2011
edited by Aanchir
Ummm... how is a map of Mata Nui? It's just a landmass with crinkly edges, and it's got what looks like a continent surrounding it. It's also a half-moon shape, way different than Mata Nui's distinctive "face in profile" shape. Any similarities can probably be attributed to the designers behind it— ADVANCE, the ad agency that played a key role in BIONICLE's art direction from beginning to end, is also playing an active role promoting Hero Factory, and so some of the same artists could have worked on this map.
01:39:06 PM Feb 25th 2012
While I agree all the similarities are probably coincidental, they are still interesting. The most obvious one to me is the Hero Factory itself being in the centre and towards the north of the city, much like Mangai Volcano on Mata Nui.
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