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04:43:10 AM Dec 19th 2012
"This trope is mostly an artifact of urban and suburban living, as rural communities where people have regular contact with horses or cattle see proof it's invalid every time a temperamental animal sends someone to the emergency room."

This strikes me as natter on the main page. Any thoughts?
10:07:09 AM Dec 9th 2012
edited by Rotpar
  • Subverted in Terra Nova, when they were reminded that sometimes brachiosaurs ate meat.

I removed the above from a sub-bullet under Jurassic Park. I didn't add it to the example from the show because I'm not familiar with it. Is it correct at all? Because I have never heard of brachiosaurs being omnivores. Or any sauropod for that matter. Either Science Marches On and I'm behind, or a troper confused their details or this show... well, mistakes don't occur in fiction as TV Tropes is concerned, so I guess herbivores eating meat is deliberate "artistic license". Anyway, if they are omnivores on the show feel free to let me know or add it to the example.
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