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06:24:25 AM Jan 3rd 2014
I am still confused as to how Yahweh is the God of Evil. Also, Mot, Yam and Ba'al just hate each other (like so much).
01:22:10 PM Mar 5th 2014
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I think YHWH is from later groups who identify with the other Semites more than Jews, since as far as I know the classical account of YHWH tended more toward "weird thing Jews worship" than "horrible evil". The page even mentions there was a tendency to equate it to El/Elion rather than treat it as a distinct entity.

Yam is mainly because it was blamed on destructive storms and everything involved with the sea (ancient Hebrews equated falling overboard to instant death). Also, he is equated with a scary monster who got in the way of the gods doing godly stuff (Lotan) so there's that.

Mot I think is because all the text we have of him involve him doing some asshole action and there is no record of him ever being worshiped as a positive force (not that Hebrew Mythology left much record anyway).

That's just what I think though. There are other users here who seem to know more about history/mythology and might be able to bring up additional fact or more intimately explain why the culture of the time would interpret what we know as "evil" while people like you and me just say "uh, so they feud, so what?", Values Dissonance and all.
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