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12:12:42 AM Aug 21st 2010
This troper is a HAZMAT worker. Real life standard issue HAZMAT suits would be interesting to portray in a horror movie, for how vulnerable it would make any character that wears one. First, in order to prevent a gap at the neck, Level A suits are one gastight piece that covers your whole body, under which you wear a respirator. Immediate result: you have no ability to turn your head to see over your shoulder-the suit's in the way. You want to see behind you, you have to turn all the way around. You also can't hear very well because the suit's in the way, and obviously you can't smell a thing (if you can smell something through your HAZMAT suit, you're probably going to be dead soon since you clearly forgot your respirator while going for the dramatic Hollwood-show-off-my-face look) nor feel subtle clues such as breezes. Even if everything goes as planned, removing the suit is also entertaining. You get to marinate in your own sweat while wearing one of those, as sweat can't get out any more than hazards can get in. This troper found himself squishing in his rubber boots after a few hours.
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