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07:02:19 PM Jun 7th 2011
Okay. So if you're more likely to kill someone with a blow to the head than render them unconscious, what's the best way to knock someone out? (Don't give me that look. Say I'm writing a character who's a humanitarian or likely to care about such things.)
07:07:43 PM Feb 18th 2011
What exactly is the difference between this trope and Tap on the Head ?
10:44:02 AM Feb 20th 2011
edited by johnnye
I'm sure this was up for discussion at some point. I think the idea was that Hard Head is about the lack of consequences to being knocked unconscious, while Tap on the Head is about the unrealistic ease of knocking someone out in the first place. As for whether that distinction is a useful one, or whether the tropes actually have any unique examples from each other, I don't know.
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