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02:40:45 PM Oct 17th 2013
Removed from the article. Thread Mode is not allowed and it's not clear if the characters fit.

  • Dean "Massive Manwhore" Winchester from Supernatural. A nice guy (Kind of), cute too but will inevitably leave because of his job. This has been flanderized into almost compulsive, definitely slutty and most likely pitiful behaviour.
    • I don't know about that. He was always pretty slutty; the only time it got really out of hand was in Season Three, when he was pretty understandably messed up. By Season Five, he doesn't even seem all that interested in sex (or any other physical pleasures, for that matter).
      • Dean's sluttiness is such that in one Season 4 episode, he beds an angel! In the back seat of his car. Granted, she was a human at the time, but still!
        • In his defense, the angel in question was STUNNING. Also, she was the one who suggested it, and they were both pretty sure she was going to die; it was really more a "give the girl a last hurrah" than any indication of sluttiness.

  • As the quote above points out, Flash from Justice League is depicted as such. Strangely, he's shy about approaching fellow superhero Fire. He eventually grows out of it and ends up becoming the Chick Magnet. Even supervillain Giganta sacrifices a few seconds of her five-minute head start to escape the Justice League to kiss him.
    • Actually, Flash is shown to be rather popular with the ladies long before Fire is even introduced, which makes his shyness around her (and her's around him) all the more funny. Maybe he's intimidated by women with superpowersnote ... or, to quote Hawkgirl, he's intimidated because Fire is...Brazilian (implying she's a lesbian).
    • To be fair, the quote is taken out of the context of trying to get two of his friends, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman to actually talk to each other again rather than trying to kill each other.
      • The quote's not out of context; it's deliberately misleading by taking the actual event out of context.
    • Also Flash is oblivious to the fact that reporter Linda Park has a major crush on him, who was his comic counterpart's wife.
03:22:03 PM Oct 17th 2013
Dean certainly qualifies, even if the example is rubbish. Here's my shot:

  • Dean Winchester from ''Supernatural: A very handsome man (his actor was a former model and much has been made of his looks on the show), he flirts with anything in a skirt. The man's first thought upon returning from the dead? He had to re-lose his virginity. And anytime he's shown on a computer or with a magazine, it's invariably open to Busty Asian Beauties.

Not sure about the Flash, though. He's more of a Casanova Wannabe who also manages to be a Chick Magnet, if that makes sense. Nothing is made of his looks (at least partially since, you know, he's wearing a mask). Not sure if that qualifies for this trope, then.

Either way, the quote's gotta go.
04:00:45 PM Oct 17th 2013
edited by
Cool. I've just finished covering Zero Context Examples. (Except the real life... Not sure it should stay or what should be added as context.)

Will you post in the General Page Quote Discussion in perpetual projects?

The Supernatural example looks like it's perfectly fine. Not sure why the natter happened...

I'm not familiar with Justice League, but if Flash lacks the jerk side, I'd say he doesn't fit.
04:29:52 PM Oct 17th 2013
edited by
Did the quote thing. And the natter happened because the Supernatural fandom is... well, really, really, really weird.

My issue with the Flash as an example is that he's got a lot of the stereotypical behaviors, but A: It's clear he's not a jerk, just sort of goofy and immature, and B: again, it's not really shown that he's handsome.

I mean, the guy can run several times the speed of sound and he still felt the need to get a decked out van... for... "reasons." So Lech works.
02:20:34 AM Oct 17th 2010
edited by Twiddler
Does a guy fit this trope if he keeps making a fool of himself and there's no indication from other characters that he's attractive?
02:39:47 PM Oct 17th 2013
I would say not. The definition says he's handsome.
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