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01:40:29 AM Nov 27th 2012
edited by WeAreAllKosh
Subject: Should this trope have a different title?

Due to some discussion in the YKTTW section:

A troper proposed a trope called Handshake Refusal, which is basically this one. I'd guess that this troper did a thorough search for whether this trope already existed, probably by searching for "handshake". If I were them I would never have guessed Hand Off as a title for a trope describing a refused handshake.

The common usage for the phrase "hand off" is for the act of passing an item to someone, hand-to-hand, often discreetly. Such as a quarterback handing the football to a running back (while his motions might fake a different play), or a small drug transaction (handing off a bag of weed to a buyer discreetly). Or in spy movies, a character handing off a briefcase to another as they walk in opposite directions without speaking to each other (a surveilling agent might say "there's the handoff" when he observes it taking place). Such actions are themselves tropable and should probably have the "Hand Off" title, while a refused handshake should probably have a more descriptive title, such as Handshake Refusal, or maybe Rebuffed Handshake.

Although it's probably difficult or tedious to change every linked example on this site from one trope title to another (unless there's some automated way to do it)....
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