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01:40:47 PM Dec 5th 2013
Though maybe not in the same vein (it isn't an "upgrade"), Rudy Roughnight from Wild Arms (and the PS2 remake, WA: Alter Code F) uses a hand cannon as weapon.

Well, I guess most weapons from Wild Arms V could be considered too, excluding Avril's blade/whip and Chuck's weapon.
07:03:26 PM Mar 27th 2010
Does the Colt M1911 count as a Hand Cannon? I mean, the .45 ACP is bigger than the 9mm Parabellum and the .44 Magnum (which is only .429 inches in diameter) rounds.
01:26:55 AM Mar 28th 2010
No. You'll never see anyone pull out a 1911 and act like it's some kind of artillery piece. The Mark 23 in .45 maybe, but that's because the gun itself is a foot long because H&K are idiots. .45 ACP has less than a third of the muzzle energy of .44 Mag.
09:30:28 PM Mar 29th 2010
What about the Colt Single Action Army (aka "Peacemaker")? The .45 Long Colt is essentially a slower version of the .44 Magnum if given a heavy handload and was even the base for the .454 Casull. Not to mention that everyone thinks of the .357 Magnum Colt Python as a Hand Cannon and the Colt SAA is around the same size.
01:10:40 AM Mar 30th 2010
edited by Evilest_Tim
The way I see it with the Bigger Is Better gun tropes, no specific gun or even size of gun automatically qualifies; it's about how the weapon is depicted. To demonstrate with an example from BFG, when Tony in Scarface pulls out an M16 with an M203, the scene makes it clear he is now dangerous because he has a larger weapon. Most depictions of ordinary soldiers don't do that, which is why every M16 / M203 appearance isn't listed as well.

So perhaps if someone pulls out a SAA and the scene is supposed to make us go "wow, he's got a big gun now" it counts, but not just because it's a specific make of gun or specific calibre. Most Westerns just have it as the gun you have because you're a cowboy, so wouldn't really qualify. This would tend to discount non-custom versions of the 1911 (ie ones without giant ported compensators) because it's most people's idea of a normally-sized gun. But if a time-traveller pulls it on group of medieval knights, then it might end up being an example. Especially because they'd probably call it the name of this Trope anyway.
05:02:47 AM Feb 8th 2013
Surely if you put a long slide and other accesories (think The Terminator), it would count as a Hand Cannon.
05:53:54 AM Mar 10th 2010
With all <3 due to Stephen Fry, I feel we should move that quote to the quotes page, swapping it with "put two wheels on it and it's a cannon".
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