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06:05:50 PM Mar 19th 2012
The entry on homestuck doesn't seem like a subversion to me, but I'm not sure what it is. Could some more experienced troper help on this?
10:06:41 PM Aug 30th 2011
Why isn't there a Troper Tales section for this trope?
11:03:00 PM Aug 30th 2011
All the tropers tales for every page got removed in order for it all to be moved to a Tropers Tales wiki
03:47:48 PM Jul 21st 2011
Somebody added a Vocaloid song about what appears to be two characters in love. Isn't that a different trope?
11:37:11 AM Feb 25th 2011
edited by brc2000
A lot of the examples here are too well received, loved or popular to be seen as Guilty Pleasures. Guilty Pleasures how? If you mean guilty as in you wouldn't admit your love of it to the "kewl kids", then you might as well include every sci-fi/fantasy fiction from every medium, pulp horror and adventure story, non-adult comedy animated show, comic book, heavy metal band, B-movie, etc. I don't know in what universe South Park and Howard's Conan stories could be considered guilty pleasures.
12:29:37 AM Nov 13th 2011
If you're not willing to look your parents in the eye and tell them you enjoy it, it's a guilty pleasure. How's that sound for a definition?
03:56:26 PM Dec 6th 2011
Agreed lol
02:27:31 PM Jul 8th 2010
"Vocaloid has been used for some really embarrassing songs"

Melt is epic. I am really interested to know which reasons exist for anyone to possibly find it embarrassing in any way.
08:06:33 AM Mar 21st 2010
edited by Supah
I'm trying to remove a whole lot of the personal opinions that are cluttering up this page. The ax may fall on anything with "This troper," "This editor," "Admit it" or "Seconded." I especially Do Not Want to see examples like these:
  • To put it short, practically any show with the main focus on ecchi or moe-characters.
  • Anime as a whole, for some of us. Admit it.
    • Indeed. This troper's the only one in his group of friends that watches anime, but never when anyone's around.
  • Any male who enjoys Shojo anime or manga.
  • Yaoi fangirls usually fit into this trope.
    • As do yuri fanboys. Or yaoi fanboys. Or yuri fangirls. It's usually anything that isn't hetero.
    • I'm a yaoi fan girl, and proud of it
  • Pretty much anything Disney Channel churns out falls under this trope.
03:47:12 PM Jul 21st 2011
Done, everything was nuked because it was made In-Universe.
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