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07:11:14 PM Sep 4th 2011
I never really thought that Eir was "the big guy." In the book she is the defacto leader of the group. In battle she uses a long bow along with a pair of axes and other small sharp things, and is the one who comes up with the groups battle plans. She doesn't wear armor and very rarely takes hits from enemies. Aside from her height she never seems to show any big guy qualities at all. Logan on the other hand is their main defense player, runs around bashing people with an over-sized hammer and wears plate armor, though he is considerably shorter than Eir or Rytlock. With these qualities in mind, I think their positions in the five man band should be switched.
09:23:29 PM Sep 5th 2011
If anything, Logan would be The Lancer, and Rytlock would be The Big Guy if we shifted Eir to The Hero.
11:50:22 AM Sep 4th 2011
Do we know if race/class restrictions are in?
12:36:29 PM Sep 4th 2011
There are none.
05:01:15 PM Jan 8th 2011
Should we really include the "lack of grind" in the description of the game? On the one hand, it is something the developers have actually said, but since the definition of "Grind" varies quite a bit from player to player, and is not terribly solid even for individual players, it isn't really a solid description of what is actually in the game.
11:54:47 PM Jan 8th 2011
It's mostly just marketing at this point. I would leave it out until it releases. Then... we'll see how things pan out.
02:51:27 AM Mar 15th 2011
So, we've got some videos on gameplay, words from creators, site info, think we've got enough info to begin applying tropes to this page?
07:54:56 PM Apr 19th 2011
The Sylvari don't in fact have a Hive Mind once they emerge from the Pale Tree, and the experiences but not the specifics of other Sylvari teach those still in the fruit how to move through the world. Definitely not a Hive Mind though.
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