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02:39:37 PM Feb 10th 2013
edited by MsAmiClassified
I just read the trope descriptions for this trope and Peggy Sue back-to-back and found this: Does this feel a little too specific to anyone? What happens when the person goes back to Set Right What Once Went Wrong but doesn't go all the way back to when they were a child? Any feedback on this?
12:02:28 AM Sep 26th 2012

  • The Dark Tower, by Stephen King. At the end, when the protagonist FINALLY attains his lifelong goal, it results in him being popped right back to where we first met him. This is implied to have already happened several times, because he still hasn't quite gotten it right yet...

to give someone a chance to rewrite it without spoilering the title of the work

which i only can't do myself cause I haven't finished the series yet
07:03:29 AM Jan 11th 2012
this was an episode of Xena (warrior princess) on the tube ... anyone know the episode title without looking it up ... ? — (I'm burning out on link- hopping, this shift ...yawwwn)
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