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03:38:33 PM Jul 29th 2017
How would the presence of the "Groundhog Day" Loop be a spoiler? If anything, it just gives away the basic premise of the work. Or is that why it's a spoiler?
02:49:05 AM Jan 21st 2016
I didn't see Krampus, but my daughter told me about it when she went to see it and I read the Wikipedia page. I'm not sure "Groundhog Day" Loop fits or is implied - sounds more like Reset Button. To say it's just implied to happen again is likely fan theory unless the work actually points out that this is the case.
12:16:48 AM Sep 28th 2014
Should Heta Oni be on here?
02:16:52 AM Sep 28th 2014
Well, why should Heta Oni be on here?
07:38:41 AM Sep 28th 2014
If your question is "are fan-made games allowed," the answer is yes. However, since I've never played the game and the example on the page is a Zero-Context Example, I have no idea if it actually applies. This is why ZCE's are bad.
08:12:22 AM Jul 21st 2014
I don't think the attempt at Self Demonstrating humor (duplicating the example section) is a good idea. It was already there a long time ago and got removed, for good reasons.
04:59:26 AM Aug 24th 2014
I concur, and I've removed it. The problem is that people will generally not notice it when editing and will only add examples to one part, resulting in the two copies diverging and making it hard to see what's already there.
07:39:12 AM Aug 24th 2014
Thank you, I'm fully behind you.
05:48:03 PM Aug 25th 2014
I put a massive note at the top saying don't add it back. It was like that a few months ago, too, and I also changed it then. And once again, we lost a bunch of good examples in the cleanup. It's a stupid joke that causes more trouble than it's worth—not that it's worth much.

At least I deleted the first couple drafts of the note. Too much swearing.
08:41:32 PM Jan 6th 2011
edited by
an anime called Zegapain ( has this. though the reversal of time only happens once in the show, its stated that it has happened many times. any reason this isn't listed?
12:34:59 PM Jan 7th 2011
You Could Always Edit It Yourself. Well, provided you get known, anyway.
09:19:37 PM Oct 14th 2010
Channel 9 seems to have a universal joke about this, playing the movie groundhog day several times during holidays, sometimes in a row. This troper has watched groundhog day upwards of 20 times.
01:47:08 PM Mar 28th 2010
Isn't the Real Life example (The Improv Everywhere rendition of a moebius loop) an example of Theater or Performance Art rather than 'Real Life'?

Just checking instead of changing immediately. —Gizensha
07:14:43 PM Mar 28th 2010
Considering that they were doing it in a coffeeshop, deliberately trying to make the other people there think something odd was going on, I'd say it's really a borderline case and could go in either.
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