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04:31:53 AM May 15th 2015
Pulled this from the Star Trek example ball in the Live-Action TV folder. Examples specific to the Star Trek Online belong into the Video Games folder. Unfortunately the entries are a) contradictory (first says the war did not end, the second says it did end), b) just describe a war, but do not explain how it is a Great Offscreen War. It is not clear whether this is a true example.
  • The video game Star Trek Online gives us another Federation/Klingon war, which peters out (but doesn't actually end) after the Borg decide to stop acting stupid and return to their threatening roots.
    • The Federation/Klingon war from Star Trek Online was ended when the Alliance saved both Earth and Qo'nos from Species 8472 and the Iconians finally revealed themselves and openly threatened all species of the Milky Way. The Klingons and the Federation realized that only together they were strong enough to defend the galaxy.
10:32:43 AM Aug 9th 2014
Hey, guys, like, why were the real life examples taken down?
10:45:14 AM Aug 9th 2014

it was taken down in the "Real Life section maintenance thread" in the forums, linked on No Real Life Examples, Please!. The reason cited on the latter page is " Just because you didn't live through it doesn't mean a real life conflict happened "offscreen". "
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